How to apply blush?


Blushes give the face a smooth image and show the face alive. The blush color you choose should be suitable for your skin color and your lipstick and eye makeup.

Smile to the highest point of your herbal cheeks. Apply a little bit of oil and brush to get the bulk.

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The character to be animated is very important. Sometimes you do not even have to blush in cinema and theater makeup. Sometimes density is needed. The dose of the bone will characterize the condition of your character. You will use heroin for someone to blush and use it for whore make-up blushes.

If you are going to portray a very healthy and normal-looking character, apply gentle light by drawing circular movements out of the make-up face. Touch your brush with your nose with light touches to ensure integrity in your facial appearance.

For example:
If it happens on a cold winter day, intense blushing should be used to effect coldness on the nose and cheeks. It should be given that the nose and cheeks are affected by the cold.

As a result, every makeup that you make determines the character that will animate the color of every item you use. On-site make-up should be creating the right character, not creating a good character. Blushes in period games and movies differ according to today’s games.

Blush is complementary and makes your job easier in character makeup. It is blush foreplay in children’s make-up.

How to apply blush?

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