How to Apply Lipstick?


The last touch of makeup is lipstick. The lipstick color determines the character and the experience of the character. Makeup and lipstick for a woman collecting paper on the street and makeup and lipstick for a queen show differences. It is the wrong make-up made on the most obvious and funny mistakes characters in the cinema world.

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The woman wakes up in the morning, has a pound of make-up on her face. Female peasant feminine, wood on the mountain, make-up a kilo of face. She plays the witch, but there is beauty makeup on her face. I can finish by counting all the negatives.

Please avoid your complexes and wear what you need in that costume and make up the necessary makeup.
In general, make sure your lipstick is suitable for your face makeup and costume. Draw a circle around the surface of your mouth so your lipstick is more permanent.

How to Apply Lipstick?

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