How To Attend Menfluential For FREE I Want To Fly 3 Guys To Atlanta For The Conference

How To Attend Menfluential For FREE I Want To Fly 3 Guys To Atlanta For The Conference! Gentlemen, I just got back from Atlanta and I’m pumped. I spent three days with Aaron Marino and we are ready for the best Menfluential formerly StyleCon event ever. We’ve got almost three hundred tickets sold. We’ve checked, I mean it is just going to be great. We’ve got over twenty five speakers coming in, twenty special guests who I’ll be announcing in the private Facebook page. But, I can tell you guys I’ve been receiving the e-mails I’ve been seeing the posts go up in our private Facebook page.

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But, I know for a lot – a lot of you guys it’s like, okay, Carl I would love to come out to Atlanta, but I’m over in Europe or I’m over in California or I’m over in I don’t know Iowa and I just can’t afford to get out. Well, that’s what this post is about. I was looking at the numbers, I’m saying, you know what, how about I just say no excuses, get your butt out there. I’m going to pay for the airfare, for the hotel, and I’m going to cover your ticket to Menfluential. For a few of you guys, right? I’m looking at three, but it could be more. I’ve been wanting great applications and I’m putting the application down in the description of this post. I’m looking for men who have taken action, who have taken maybe some of my courses whether they’d be free or paid, but people that have actually taken action with what I talk about out there and that’s what I’m looking for. I’m looking for men to come in and help inspire other men because Menfluential is about you becoming a better better son, better husband, better father, better man and that’s the kind of people I want to bring in. So, if you’ve got a business, if you work in a large company, if you are looking for employment, but you – you’re a student. I don’t care who you are, I want to hear your – I want to see you guys applications. Where you’re out in the world doesn’t matter. I’m going to look at these based off the merit and like I said you know I’m excited.

Now, it would help if you can come into the United States and those are the – I’m going to be asking a few questions like that. But, you know for everyone that applies, I think at the end of the day what I’m looking for are people that are going to inspire and going to help my conference become even better which by the way I’m linking the Menfluential, again, it’s February 23rd, 24th Atlanta, Georgia. I’m linking to that down in the description as well, so check out the conference. And let me know in your application really why – why should I put my money down to get you out there. So, guys, I’m excited about this because, again, it’s going to be an amazing – I mean I call it a conference, but it’s really it’s a party that I put on that I get to bring all my friends in from around the world. So, I’m excited I know I met many of you guys in New York, in London, in Los Angeles, in Paris, and some of the other areas I travel to this last year, Thailand. But, I’m really excited to – to have everyone come in for this event. So, guys, if you’ve got any questions, let me know down in the comments. I’ll try to get in and respond to those. But, guys it’s only events coming up here soon, so go apply. And, in any case take action to become the man you know yourself to be. That’s it, guys.

Take care.

How To Attend Menfluential For FREE I Want To Fly 3 Guys To Atlanta For The Conference

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