How to Braided Bun Hair Tutorial

Hi how are you doing it is Minnie here today and today I’m going to show you this beautiful awesome sort of a braided bun, I know we have done many braided buns but this one has a different sort of technique and it looks really really cool.

How to Braided Bun Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

So let’s begin for this tutorial you are gonna need just a few simple tools you are going to need your hair elastics you are going to need this it is tiny hair elastic and then you are gonna need lots and lots of other things. So the first thing is always brush the hair and then gather all the hair in a ponytail next you want to make a braid in the back you always get me high and then just secure the braid at the end and up next I’m just gonna find out parts of the break just to make it appear thicker next what I’m going to do is just grab this braid and pull it up and just start pinning it down your feet inside. So now just take this braid and just roll the ends and bobby pin the ends as well phrase with sweet melody and now grab the sides of the braid and pin them down as well coconut ball and form a tree to the ground and if you have any layer sticking out just use more bobby pins and pin them down and that’s it your braided bun is finished wash away.

So that’s really it guys, I hope you enjoyed this hairstyle, I think it is the perfect braided part to go to when you are having a bad hair day thank you. So much for tuning in do not forget to like this post down below and if you recreate this one do not forget to put on your instagram and hashtag it e here our favorites are always always featured on our Instagram thank you. So much for tuning in, I love you guys and I will see you soon bye we can have us sometimes and it’s.

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