How to breastfeed a baby

How to breastfeed a baby 14

Include any available vegetable to which you know she has had no adverse reaction. Onion, peeled, seeded tomato and cabbage can be added as soon as she tolerates them well. Peas, beans, celery, turnips, spinach, cauliflower, parsnips and parsley can be added earlier in any combination you like. Rice, noodles, barley and pea flour can be included if she is not overweight, although it is better to cut out foods such as cereals and biscuits if you want to bring her mass down. Add milk to the broth instead of water if she does not take enough from a bottle.

You could also make the basic broth from chicken pieces, giblets, chops or neck of lamb, or beef shin. Stock cubes, if not too salty, can be used after the first nine months. (Any left-over broth makes a good soup for the family if you add salt, pepper and herbs or spices.) Puree the broth at first, then gradually make the mixture coarser until she will take it mashed with a fork.

When cooking a whole chicken or a piece of meat for the family cut off a few slices, wrap in plastic film and freeze for use in the babys food. Cooked chicken breast or lamb chop can be grated over vegetables for your baby.

Chicken and calves liver are rich in iron and you can prepare these by boiling for a few minutes (do not overcook), then mashing or adding to vegetables finely sliced. When she starts to get teeth you can give very thin slices of liver for your baby to pick up and eat by herself. Parsley and watercress are excellent sources of vitamin C so add them finely chopped to your babys foods.

Fish. Fish is a good source of protein and can be added to your babys diet from about seven months. Not all babies like it at first so dont force it.

You can steam it by placing a plate over a saucepan of boiling water with the fish on it covered by a lid or another plate. Then flake, remove bones and mix with vegetables. Another method is to poach a little white fish in milk, and then mash it with a little potato or other vegetable. Or simply flake into small pieces, remove the bones, and let your baby pick them up herself. Later on you can place a slice of onion or tomato on top of the fish while it is poaching. Vary this with celery or parsley or grate a little sweetmilk cheese over it before serving. Or make a white sauce with cheese and flake the fish into it and serve with vegetables.

How to breastfeed a baby

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