How to Buy For Your Bridesmaids

How to Buy For Your Bridesmaids

1 Be aware of colour: what you see on screen isn’t always accurate. Ask for swatches to be posted to you instead – then you can carry them around.

2 Order all your dresses at the same time. Batches of fabric can vary, so it’s better if they are ordered together to ensure they are from the same dye lot.

3 Use all your girls’ precise measurements. Tell them not to guess (or give you the measurement they’d like to be!). I always say: ‘If in doubt, round up as it’s much easier to take dresses in and up, than out and down. Check the length of gowns – a lot of cheaper brands skimp on length and there’s nothing worse than dresses that look that little bit too short.

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4 Be sure to check the store’s returns policy. When bridesmaid dresses are made-to-measure, they usually can’t be returned.

5 Remember: bridesmaid shopping is all part of the fun. Set aside a day with all your maids to look around the shops, get ideas on style and colours make some appointments and have a glass of champagne. hen you’ll feel much more conident you’ve made the right choice for you all. Check out Sinclair’s top five tips for stress-free shopping How to buy for your bridesmaids.

How to Buy For Your Bridesmaids

Dear Sinclair… Because who better to help with your gown dilemmas? Q: My maids are paying for their dresses. They want something they’ll wear again, but I still want them to look bridal. Help! Sinclair says: ‘Asking bridesmaids to buy their own gowns is very common in the U.S. – and it’s coming to the UK. Go for a style that also works as evening wear – e.g. a dress with a feature back, such our “Regent” style (left).’ Q: I want to dress my daughter (aged four) and my niece (12) in matching outfits. How can I achieve this without either looking like she’s dressed up/dressed too young? ‘I suggest that they wear the same dress but in slightly different lengths – just past the knee looks so pretty for little girls, while teens look great in ankle-length gowns.’ Q: I’m not a girlie bride and I hate pink. How can I dress my bridesmaids so that they don’t look like lollipops? ‘Their dresses need to reflect you and your personality – so if you hate pink, then stay away from it. One of Maids To Measure’s most popular colours is dove grey – it gives you a wonderful blank canvas for the rest of the wedding.’

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