How to care for sensitive areas your baby

How to care for sensitive areas your baby

The keynote throughout is minimum interference – the less you do in these areas, the better.

Ears Try to avoid getting water into your babys ears and do not stick cotton buds into the ear canal. Excess wax will work its way out. If crusts form behind the ears, wipe the area with a piece of cotton wool dipped in baby lotion.

Eyes With clean water and cotton wool wipe from the nose outwards, using a clean piece of cotton wool for each eye if there are any crusts, otherwise leave them alone and simply wipe her face with a clean cloth or cotton wool.

Scalp Many babies develop a thick, waxy layer on their scalps. This is called cradle cap and if it is mild you can mix a teaspoon of bicarbonate of soda to half a litre warm water (not hot), and rinse her hair with it. If the cradle cap is thick you will have to use another solution (260), to get it off.

Genitals Girls should not be washed inside the lips of the vulva. This area often has a whitish coating in the first few weeks which should be left alone, as it will disappear by itself.

Foreskin The foreskin on a baby boy is not retractable at birth but detaches itself gradually from the glans over the first two to four years of life. If you force the

How to care for sensitive areas your baby

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