HOW TO Curl Your Hair Using A Headband Headband Curls

Ok everyone let’s get started. So first things first you are gonna want your hair to be about 96% dried it is gonna give you the best results next you need a thick stretchy headband. I got mine from the dollar store and just want to place that over your hair with your natural part. So, I’m going to grab our first section you want to grap about a one-inch section if you have a bigger section you will have bigger curls smaller section and smaller curls. So what, I’m going to do is, I’m going to pull the headband off of my head pull my section up and then with my index finger grab that section and pull it underneath the headband. So you want to take your time with this you do not want it to get tangled and then you are just going to join it into the rest of this section.

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So again grab one-inch sections pull it up over then enter and join it with the rest of the hair. So, I’m just going to keep repeating this all the way down the headband until. I get to the back of my hair and then, I’m going to stop and start on the other side you you. So for the back, I’m doing the exact same thing that we did on this side here, I’m grabbing actually two inch sections a little bit larger because. I like bigger curls on the bottom and then, I’m just going to try and keep the left side of my hair on the left side of the headband just. So there’s room for the other side when we go ahead and curl that section also with my ends, I’m keeping them super loose and you will see, I’m keeping the bottom couple agents out. I just feel like it makes it look more natural okay.

So, I’m repeating the exact same thing on this side LF my bangs out because. I do not like to curl them but you can obviously incorporate yours and as you can see, I’m just grabbing sections as we go on your sections will probably get a little bit thicker just because there is more hair if you have layers like. I do and yeah just continue all the way down the headband.. So I get to the back. So here, I’m just checking to make sure that all my hair is up and wrapped around even though it did miss a piece that is okay and yeah this is what it should look like when it is done. I think it is kind of cute.

I like it. So you want to leave this in for at least four hours. I just went out and washed my car and then yeah we will take it all out. So here you can see and pulling the headband away from my head and unraveling each section one by one you take your time with this guys you won’t get any knots or tangles this works for me every single time same thing on the other side pull that headband away from your head and just pull out each section one by one. So there you have you guys. I love these headband curls these are my new favorite heatless hairstyle just run your fingers through it just to kind of make the curls look more natural and go ahead and spray it with some hairspray if you want to as well. So there’s the final look thank you.

So much for reading and I will see you guys in my next post bye.

HOW TO Curl Your Hair Using A Headband Headband Curls

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