Find Your Flock

A study from Harvard Medical School concluded people are more likely to be obese if they are surrounded by obese people. We’ve all heard of something similar to this, the most common term for which is peer pressure. Unless you have the will of a lion, place yourself in a room with five obese people who do not wish to change, and one day you will find that you have turned into the sixth. It may not be that they bullied you into it, either. Humans have this need to be social, and interconnected. One way that we achieve this is to do as others do simply because we want to feel like we are taking part in the group activities, even if the group activity may be hurting us on an individual level. Just like when you grab a donut just because everyone else is already eating a donut.

So, a simple way to get started on cutting ties with sugar is to find people who already have. Find places where these types of people gather and join them, or start your journey with a family member, or friend, and check each other. Some examples of such places are gyms, sport groups, and online groups / forums. The main thing is to enjoy yourself in an environment where people are excited about their health.

The way most people in my family lost large amounts of weight was by joining a sports team. My sister was morbidly obese at one point, and she couldn’t even dare to look at a picture of herself in her middle school yearblog. After about a year of being on the volleyball team, and being surrounded by girls who loved volleyball, she began to see a huge difference. Those girls are now some of her best friends, and now I must tell her to stop taking so many selfies!

Go Slow

If you do decide to join a sport, or gym, it’s usually recommended by experts to start slow the first couple of weeks. You don’t want to burn yourself out the first day. That is why it is recommended to build on intensity, frequency, and / or weight level. To be safe, never increase the intensity unless you have given yourself the proper time to recover, and you feel you are ready for it.



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