How To Do Hard Yoga Poses

Spirit Actions: How to Take Spiritual Steps

To move from contemplating (or discussing) spiritual issues to doing something about them, take the following steps:

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1. Compare your past spiritual experiences with your current needs. List the activities or experiences that provided you with spiritual sustenance in the past and the ones you believe might provide you with this sustenance now and in the future. Use this comparison to consider whether you simply need to return to old activities (rejoining your former place of worship) or explore new ones.

2. Create a list of old and/or new activities and experiences that might meet your spiritual requirements. Don’t place any limitations on this list. Include everything from formal activities, such as signing up for a class in Buddhist practices, to going on a pilgrimage to a sacred place.

3. Test one item on your list. Take one class; go to one religious service; try meditating. This doesn’t require much time or commitment, but keep an open mind and see if what you do provides at least some spiritual nourishment.

4. Test another item on your list if the first one doesn’t help. You may have to explore a few of your options before you find the one that is right for you.

5. Intensify the experience once you find something that reso-nates. Increase your time and commitment to the activity or experience. Monitor how it impacts your life over time. Do you feel more connected and less empty? Are you able to feel like your life has become more meaningful and fulfilling?

How To Do Hard Yoga Poses

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