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I just love the appearance of my hair after I have used a round brush. I just love how it leaves my hair feeling. So soft and bouncy and of course. I love the added volume.. So I thought I’d share with you all my tips and tricks and little secrets. I have to easily create a salon blow back home with minimum damage to your hair.

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So I have been using these KareCo thermal round brushes to blow-dry my hair. So we decided to partner up for this post and if you stay tuned till the end there’s going to be a giveaway for you guys. If you want to have to do this blowout then keep on reading. I like to start off with freshly washed towel dried hair and, I’m just going to apply my Briogeo blossom and bloom volumizing spray throughout my hair focusing it mostly on my roots then we are going to spray the mid shafts of my hair and ends with my Garnier 5 and 1 Spray to help with the de-tangling of my knots if you are going to be round brushing your hair you need to detangle it first since your hair is weakest one it is wet you want to make sure you are using a good tangling brush design for wet hair you will want one with flexible bristles like this KareCo tangle Buster’s not only other bristles flexible but the actual paddle itself is as well which really helps to minimize snagging and breakage when you are brushing or styling your hair. I try to let my hair air dry to about 90% before. I blow it out but sometimes. I just do not have the time.

So I just blow-dry it while, I’m brushing my hair just to speed things up but if your hair is on the curlier side. I would recommend letting your hair only dry to about 60% now that my hair is about 90% dry, I’m going to go ahead and just section it off right above my ears and clip that section out of the way. So we can start blow drying since. I have longer hair, I’m first going to go in with the larger style 3 round brush. I love this brush you guys because not only does it give me that added volume at the root but because it is a medium-sized barrel it is also going to give you that really nice pretty flow wave as well a little bit of a curl on the end quick tip when you are looking for a round brush. I would recommend finding one with a nice aluminum or ceramic barrel going to give you that nice soft smooth finish and you also want to find one that has a vented dome and barrel what this is going to do for you is it evenly distributes the heat that way you are not damaging your hair and my favorite thing is it speeds up the drying time if you have ever done a blowout on yourself you know that it takes forever, and it is a lot of work on your arms.

So I love that. So when you are working with sections a good rule of thumb is to make sure that your sections are no wider than your round brush that way the round brush is picking up all the hair which is going to keep tension on it which will keep it nice and straight and reduce the frizz. I always want my brush in my dominant hand mostly because my right arm is stronger no but what, I’m going to do is. I first place it up near the root here and lift it and then. I direct the heat upwards and, I do this about two to three times just to ensure that that root is very dry and directing the root upwards is also going to help create volume and lift in your hair. So once I have got my roots what.

I like to do next is ensure that my hair is dry from all directions. So what I will do is I will alternate placing my brush in front and behind my section of hair and what, I’m going to brush down my hair, I’m slightly twisting the brush down the section. So that the brush can grab new hair and let go of the dry hair without getting tangled also make sure that your nozzle is pointed it is down the shaft of your hair this will close the cuticle and give you that nice smooth soft finish as you can see what a difference blowing out your hair can make like even look at the volume on this side compared to the lymp Ness and frizz on this side but. I just going to do a one final step to add a little more body and movement into my hair. I like to add a little twist to my sections to create some more movement.. So I placed my brush behind my section and then.

I twist the head of the barrel in a circle 360 degrees to create a twist I will show you again notice that my handle is always pointing down and, I’m twisting my brush with my wrist in a complete circle and then. I continued that same technique all the way until. I reach the bottom of my section. So then once I have twisted and created a little cyclone in my hair, I’m just going to leave it here to cool and do not touch it until we are done and then another thing you can do if you have a hard time creating that cyclone in your hair what you can do is just slide your fingers all the way to the ends and you just want to wrap it all the way up to the root and then you can just pin it against your head. So, I’m just going to go ahead and repeat it on this side and show you guys how to do it one more time starting out placing my round brush underneath my section and directing my nozzle up to help create that volume and lift and I will also go back to my roots in between drying the rest of my section just to insure that they aren’t completely dry or else your hair can turn frizzy throughout the day. I know this can feel like a lot of information but really you just want to show that your hair is dry from all directions especially if you have curly hair. So just alternate placing your brush underneath your section and on top of your section and you will always want to direct your nozzles down the shaft and keep tension to give you that nice smooth sleek finish.

So now this section is dry and, I have major volume a big group, I’m just going to do that twist one more time. So what you want to do is place your round brush behind your section and then start blow drying this side is much easier for me. So same technique as the other side try keeping your handle pointed down and twist the head of the barrel in a complete circle to create a twist in your hair. I like to twist the barrel away from my face. So that the curls are all going away. So there you go. I just want to let these cool and then, I’m going to show you guys how.

I blow dry the rest of my head for my next section. I just section it off just below my temples and then secure the rest of my hair out of the way. So same thing is before make sure that your sections are no larger than your barrel just to ensure that you get a nice smooth finish. So again add the volume into your roots and just blow dry your hair straight down you do not want to focus too much on your ends and try not to put your nozzles directly onto the bristles they are made of nylon. So they won’t melt but it can be quite damaging to your hair. So these sections are completely dried lifted and twisted, I’m going to go ahead and continue the same steps off the side of my head, I’m going to stop when. I get to the top because my technique and brush of choice today is a little bit different the top.

I do a little bit different and for some reason it is my favorite part to do and, I think it is because it means the end is near. I recommend working in horizontal sections to really give you the most volume to do this. I love to use the jumbo styler which is four inches round. I always wanted a round brush this big, and it is quickly become a favorite for creating that body and, I love it. I can grab on to a lot more hair than these smaller brushes because of how large the barrel is so repeating the same steps as before alternating the placement of my brush and once it is dry, I’m just creating the twists down the section to help create that soft curl away from my face and probably one of the most important sections is the crown of your head this is all the hair that falls backwards. So you want to make sure that you are really over directing that to create lots of volume. So once you are done blow drying it try your best not to touch it and you just want to let it cool for about another 10 to 15 minutes but.

I do like to lock mine in with a light mist of strong hold hairspray and then you just want to gently fluff out your twist. So there you have you guys that’s how easy it is to achieve and at home blowout this will usually last me about two days and then. I usually end up curling it I will freshen it up with some dry shampoo and then. I wash it or repeat the process all over again but. I hope that you found this post helpful let me know what you thought in the comments down below. I will link my previous blow-dry tutorial for you guys too because you may find that one helpful as well but let me know in the comments down below what you thought if you are going to try it and any tips or tricks that you may have for blow drying or round brushing your hair okay now time for the giveaway KareCo brushes are salon-quality brushes and they’ve offers you guys 20% off any brushes on their website using the code alexg20 which is valid through now until august 1st you guys have a ton of time to get your hands on some of these brushes and one lucky winner will have a chance to win two Kareco brushes of their choice ok rules.

So first you must be a u.s. resident to enter and go to KareCo’s Instagram page and follow it it is super cute trust me then you will have to leave me a comment or message me to let me know that you are following them and then two weeks from today, I’m going to randomly select a winner and then. I will leave the name in the description box. So you can check back to see but good luck and, I really wish that all of you guys could win but. I will leave all the links rules down in the description box as well as the brushes. I used and where to find them on but before I go. I just wanted to let you know that round brushing used to be very difficult for me. I used to constantly get the round brush stuck in my hair just ripping out my hair. I had the hardest time but. I kept practicing and, I finally figured it out. If you are having a hard time keep going also what.

I would recommend is maybe starting with a paddle brush like this one first just until you get the movement down could even try with your blow dryer off just until you are used to everything but. I really hope that you enjoyed this post and found it helpful and gained some tips to try out a blowout at home but thank you again. So much for reading and I will talk to you guys soon bye.

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