How To EASY Updo Effortless Rope Braid

Hey guys today’s hairstyle is this effortless twisted low bun you guys have been absolutely loving my French twisted rope braided updo. I think it has something like over 7,000 likes which is crazy.. So I really wanted to recreate it but give it a more casual and effortless vibe because that’s what I have been really into lately you guys are probably sick of me saying the word effortless but, I’m going to break down the steps make it nice and simple for you guys. So let’s go ahead and get started. So to help make my twist look nice and voluminous.

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I am going to go ahead and use four of my one click webs of my Lexi hair extensions and, I were the color ash blonde and you guys have seen me do this before but all. I like to do is take one of the one clip weft and just clip it just below the clip of the other one on the underside that way when we clip these into our hair there’s only one weft showing which is a lot easier to hide then – and, I would recommend a deep side part for this hairstyle it is not necessary but that way you will have more hair to incorporate into the twist especially if you do not have hair extensions. So to get a deep part the easiest way is use the end of a comb line up the arch of your eyebrow and then just draw a line straight back okay. If you want your hair down in the front like mine place your finger at your part about one inch back from your face and just trace down until you reach the front of your ear now twist and clip this section out of the way for now first step is to gather all of the hair at the top of your head and then you just want to divide the section down the middle. So you have two equal sized pieces you want one on top and one on bottom now, I’m going to go ahead and sneak in my two 1-clip wefts that. I clipped together right underneath this top section and just make sure that your extensions are low enough that the weft is not showing and then, I’m going to clip my other two one clip wefts that. I clipped together underneath the bottom section and just join it in and this is going to help thicken up my section.

So that my twists are nice and voluminous okay next up super simple bring that bottom twist up and over that top twist once your two sections are crossed you just want to add some hair to them. So grab about a two inch section. So all the hair that’s above your it is temple and below your twist and just join it into that bottom section then grab about a two inch size section near your part and join it into that top section and do not worry about this being too perfect once you have added hair go ahead and cross that bottom section over that top section as you are creating the twists just try to remember to direct them towards the back of your head. So you just want to repeat those same steps now to gather all the hair that’s above your ear and join it into that bottom section and then grab all the hair at the crown of your head and join it into that top section. So same steps as before just cross that bottom section over the top section. So, I’m just going to repeat this one more time grabbing all the hair behind my ear at the nape of my neck and joining it into that bottom section and then, I’m gathering all the hair above my temple and joining it into that top section you can create as many twists as you like the more sections the tighter the twist will be and, I was going for a more loose and effortless appearance. So then just cross these sections over one another one more time now is the easy part gather all of your hair into a low ponytail.

I wanted my bun to sit off to the side. So, I’m just securing it a little off-center once secure it is time to pancake the twist and make them as big and voluminous as you want. So, I’m just using my index finger and thumb’s to gently pull on the outside of the twist and, I’m also rubbing those sections in between my fingers just to give them a more textured appearance, I’m also gently pulling out these sides just to create more of a swooping effect and then to help create additional volume just pull on small sections of hair around the crown and the sides of your head feel free to make this hairstyle as voluminous as possible or you could just leave it nice and tight. I think it looks just as good you can create anytime a bun you want but my favorite way to create an effortless bun is. I like to place my index finger in the center of my ponytail and, I just wrap my ponytail counterclockwise around my finger once I have created one full circle. I then like to pull my ends through with the center of my bun if your hairs on the shorter side a donut bun will create a very similar effect once my ends are through, I’m just going to bobby pin my bun into place. I take my bobby pins and just hook the outside of the bun and then.

I just like to slide them towards the center. I just work my way around the outside of my bun and, I do this twice this way the second time around the bobby pins crossed over and this will create a stronger hold once it is pinned into place it should look similar to this and it should feel nice and secure next if you left your front pieces that like me all you want to do is drape them delicately over your ear and then just pin them underneath your bun right behind your ear and then tuck your ends and pin away underneath your buns of they are hidden and any bobby pins that are showing on this side just pull it your bun over and pin it in place to hide them there we have you guys that’s how to recreate this effortless twisted updo. I just love how versatile this hairstyle is. I love that it is casual enough that you could wear it for work yet fancy enough that you could wear this to a formal event or a wedding. I think if you got a really nice hair accessory with jewels on it you could put it right here and, I think it would look. So pretty if you recreate this hairstyle or use it as inspiration do not forget to tag me on the social Media. I absolutely love seeing what you guys come up with and if you liked this tutorial do not forget to give it a thumbs up.

I will link down below some similar hairstyles if you’d like to check those ones out but. I just want to thank you guys. So much for reading let me know what you would like to see next and I will talk to you guys in my next post bye.

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