How To Exercise During Pregnancy

In my fifties, the weight gain increased. I was now up to almost 140 pounds. My 5’5″ frame was literally uncomfortable. My knees and my neck ached, and I had now developed osteopenia, a condition characterized by low bone mineral density.

On the side of vanity my clothes had been replaced for the next size up all too often. The positive was that I knew how to dress and could disguise my rolls and lumps beautifully. The negative was that I was only fooling those on the outside: I knew that my own personal health and well-being were suffering. So, I joined a local workout facility and worked with a trainer three days a week. I was feeling a little stronger, but my body was not cooperating. I wasn’t shedding the pounds.

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It was Christmas when I realized that it was finally time to start taking care of myself. I had raised two daughters and devoted all of my time to them. Now it was time to make myself the priority.

A friend referred me to Jerzy and Aniela. When I went to my initial meeting, I went home wondering how I was going to live on The Happy Body regime. That first week I even told my husband, with tears in my eyes, that there was no way I could do this. At the end of that week, when I went for my first weigh in, I had actually lost weight. By the end of the first month I lost ten pounds! I was now committed.

The Happy Body program has taught me the importance of how nutrition and exercise work together. You can’t have success unless you have both of these components working as a team. They also taught me how food works: starch turns

How To Exercise During Pregnancy

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