I have a neck under there you just can’t see it hey everybody welcome back to my blog. So since my blog is mostly hair related. I tend to get a ton of questions about my hair a lot of people recently been commenting on how long it is. I no longer have to go like this and pretend that my hair is long like it actually has grown a ton this year.. So I thought I’d share with you guys some products some tips and tricks and answer some of your frequently asked questions about my hair some of you even go as far as commenting hashtag hair goals and let me tell you that wasn’t always the case with my hair and I will definitely be sharing those stories with you. If you want to know some tips and tricks to grow your hair long then please keep reading and if by chance.

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I forget to answer a question or you have a question. I didn’t cover in this post please leave it down below and you know me I will definitely get back to you now the type of hair. I have is very thick and, I have a lot of it every time. I hairdresser dives and they always comment on how much hair. I have and, I feel. So bad because. I take up.

So much of their time but my hair is also slightly wavy. If I let it air dry with no products and not like the nice beachy wave more like the tourists on vacation in the Caribbean with that frizzy human hair that is my hair.. So I have to add some products in it just to kind of do frizz it and weight it down a little bit yeah that’s the type of hair that. I people often ask if this is my natural hair color mostly guys for some reason they think this is my natural hair color definitely is not you can tell by the regrowth here that my hair is dirty blonde and like most people when. I was younger my hair was a lighter it was more of a strawberry blonde and you can also see sometimes in my bangs and the hair that grows in around my face has a reddish orange tinge to it and, I wouldn’t even mind going a reddish orange color maybe I will link a picture down below. So you guys can see and let me know what you guys think this next question is one that.

I get asked a lot in my everyday life as well as online, and it is how often do you wash your hair. So it is definitely season dependent in the wintertime you probably go about 3 to 4 days and in the summer time, I’m a lot more active it is hotter. So wash my hair probably every two to three days it is almost a contest with this girl. I work with who can go longer without washing their hair and, I know that sounds terrible but. I have noticed a drastic change in my overall hair and my scalp. So my scalp is not as dry. I find that my hair is a lot softer it has more movement and, I know everybody’s hair type is different probably if you have thinner hair you’d probably have to wash it more frequently but.

I do have thick hair and a lot of it.. So I can go a pretty long time without washing my hair some of you are probably sitting there wondering how I go for days without washing my hair without running around looking like a greaseball but trust me even on day 4 people usually will compliment my hair and it does not look greasy this is because in between washes. I will use my batiste dry shampoo. I just use the one in the original scent. I love this step you guys you can pick it up for a discounted price at winners Marshalls t.

j.maxx and you store like this it just really does the job of absorbing grease without leaving behind a buildup of product. I love it the scent is not everything but it really does the job if you have not tried a dry shampoo. I highly suggest doing. So and this one is a really good price.. So I just do quick little spritzes around the part of my hair and then.

I just shake it up with my fingertips it adds volume and it makes your hair look just as fresh as when you originally washed it people want to know what. I used to wash my hair and, I’m going to be honest with you. I usually purchase a new shampoo every time. I run out. I find that conditioner is a lot more important to me. I just really want something that’s going to clean my hair but recently. I picked up the organics Sea Mineral moisture shampoo this is sulfate free and if you guys have been reading me for a while you know that.

I suffer from psoriasis and this has sea minerals along with healing algae and, I find that it really has made a difference in my scalp.. So I really like this product the only thing is the scent is not the best but. So far, I’m really loving it. So while we are on the topic of psoriasis. I know it is not the most glamorous side of hair but. I thought hopefully.

I can help somebody out there who suffers from a dry scalp as well. I use Nizoral shampoo I have been using this for years it hasn’t necessarily cured my scalp but it definitely keeps it under control.. So I use this about every one to two weeks unless. I notice, I’m having more of a flare-up and, I just apply a teaspoon to my hair. I use it after I have shampooed and then. I leave it on for about three to five minutes and, I notice result instantly.

. So I highly recommend it to anyone else out there suffering from a dry scalp. So to go along with what. I used to wash my hair what. I used to condition it is the bedhead resurrection in level 3. I feel like, I’m on The Price is Right but I have been to this in a favorites post before and it still is a favorite of mine because it is the only conditioner I have used where when. I leave the shower.

I can run a brush through my hair and there are no knots and tangles which is key when you are trying to grow your hair because knots will result in breakage which you do not want the only thing about this conditioner is since it is so nourishing you need to make sure that you do not use too much of it and that when you do use it that you rinse it out to the best of your ability or else it’ll leave behind a residue and it can look slightly greasy but days where. I tone my hair. I like to use a leave-in conditioner because the toner can leave my hair a little bit dry. So the one that. I use is by a G and it is their fast food. I was introduced by my hairdresser to this and, I love it it smells great and it leaves a weightless shine as well as eliminating any knots if your hair is a little bit dry. So you do not necessarily have to use this one but.

I do highly recommend using a leave-in conditioner again to eliminate nods to help prevent breakage what do. I use to prolong the color of my hair. So when. I get it done. I get it done more of an ashy color versus a golden blonde now to come at the brassiness that happens in between getting it colored. I use a shampoo that is dark purple or blue in color and for over the past year I have been using this one by Nissan. I use the shampoo and the conditioner now.

I notice instant results after the first time using this. I bought my hair from a yellowish blonde to a really nice ashy blonde and this one’s only available online. So recently. I had run out and of course. I hadn’t ordered any of it.. So I picked up one at Sally’s and this is the shimmer light shampoo this stuff you guys is just as good the only thing with this one is this scent, I’m gonna tell you right now will remind you of your grandma probably because older people with white hair use these shampoos as well but.

I love them the only thing is they are drying. So you want to make sure that you have a good conditioner like the bedhead one and if you leave them on for too long do expect your hair to turn a purplish or a silver color if that’s the look you are going for then leave it on all night and you will have wonderful violet hair but other than that I’d probably leave it on for about three to five minutes depending how brassy my hair is looking now opt in to. I color my hair. So you can probably tell by my regrowth but. I only get my hair down about three times a year. I try to go as long as. I can in between colorings and, I highly suggest that you do that too if you are trying to grow out your hair but.

If I have a special occasion or something that I will definitely pop in for some touch-up how often do. I get my hair cut.. So I get a cut every time. I go in to get it colored. So three times a year and, I just get a tiny little trim definitely have a hairdresser you can trust because they like to chop off a lot more at times but she will just take off the very ends of my hair just to ensure that it is all kind of one length at the bottom now trims do not speed up the process of trying to grow out your hair but what it is going to do is prevent split ends from splitting and it’ll make sure that there’s not a lot of breakage at the bottom you do not want to have like straggly ends pulling it down being like look along my hairs you want to have a lot of the underside of your hair all one length..

So I definitely recommend going in and just getting the tips cut off the ends of your hair. So who does my hair my old neighbor she’s a hairdresser and she’s been doing my hair for over seven years. I was go to her house after being at the salon and she would always fix my hair for me and she was asking me when. I was gonna let her do my hair but. I was really hesitant about having somebody that. I see every day do my hair because. I wouldn’t have the heart to tell them.

If I hated it but yeah.. So I went to her and, I loved it because she does exactly what. I asked and she also gives me her input on what she feels would look great as well which. I really appreciate. So I have been going there for over seven years and, I have no complaints next is what is your cut and color. So when.

I originally wanted to grow my hair oh. I tried to grow it all to one length the best that. I could. I felt like it looked like one of the Duggar children which they have gorgeous hair but. I knew. I wanted more style..

So I have your cut really thin layers into my hair no layers really go past the top of my ears here and then on the side where. I part my hair. I just have very long bangs.. So I had her just cut them and they are going way past my chin. I just styled them to the side and then over here. I have some shorter layers as well just to add some volume and some movement back into my hair and then as far as the coloring goes.

I get my hair highlighted and she highlights it on an angle. So that you can’t necessarily see stripes of highlights like circa 1990 you know what. I mean and usually she’ll do a half head of highlights just. So that all the hair underneath is my natural color but last time. I went in we did a full head just because. I have been. So long since we colored that hair underneath but she does like really thin sections and she really takes her time.

So it is really thin highlight. So that they look super natural and not striping. So what should. I tell my stylist easiest thing you guys take in a picture sometimes what you try to convey they are going to interpret it in their own way and you will think that they did a bad job but they probably just didn’t understand what you wanted. So take a picture in. I just have long hair with long thin layers longest side bangs pretty easy. So yeah just take a picture and they’ll know exactly what to do how do you keep your hair healthy while still coloring it.

So I feel like this plays into the next question how do you style your hair get back in high school. I used to have to straighten my hair every single day anybody else. So embarrassing them because. I would really straighten the sides and the top and, I would leave the back wavy. I do not know what. I was thinking like everybody was going to be looking at me straight on, I’m not sure super embarrassing.

So now what. I do when, I’m feeling up to it after. I wash my hair I will just throw it in some loose waves this is my favorite way to styled hair because. I can wake up on day two three and four and my hair still looks just as good. It’s so low-maintenance back like a couple years ago. I used to work with some ladies they were kind of mean maybe it was unintentional but. I would walk up to work and I’d have my hair in waves and they’d ask me who are you trying to impress little did they know.

I was on day four hair. I was not trying to impress anybody and, I hadn’t even done it that day yeah that is my favorite way to style my hair that way, I’m really putting heat on it one day out of the for in between washes and yeah it really helps when you are trying to grow it out because it is a lot less damaging one of the most asked hair related questions again of my posts are how do you style your bangs how long did it take you to grow them and can you make a tutorial. So first thing is. I use a round brush to style my bangs. I blow-dry them every time. I wash my hair because. I have these three calex in the front of my hair that.

If I do not bulge on my hair and over-direct it they will poke through my bangs. So every time. I wash my hair. I have to blow-dry it as far as growing them out they grow super quickly. I used to have short little bangs and probably in a couple months they grew out quite long. So did it take too much time and can. I make a detour II on how to style side bangs most definitely stay tuned this is kind of a fun question it is what color / style has your hair bean and do you plan on making any changes to your hair in the future.

So the first time. I got my hair colored it was blonde highlights it was for my grade 8 grad and it was through a cap. I do not know if you guys ever gotten highlights through a cap but it is the most painful thing and,. I’m so glad that. I get foils done now after that. I went through kind of an experimental phase. I then got dark brown hair it was short with choppy little layers and blonde bright blond highlights and then from there.

I went to my favorite hairstyle them all it was white and, I had black in my bangs it was really cool really different and had a really funky hairdresser at the time and then. I went back to blonde and then as you can see in some older posts. I tried Brown but. I really think that lighter hair is the most flattering on my skintone. So I will probably stay blonde but. I’m kind of teetering on that idea of the oranges reddish hair like. I mentioned earlier.

So let me know what you guys think what hair treatment or masks do. I use.. So I posted a couple years ago a DIY hair mask tutorial and it was all these ingredients that are really great for your hair but now what. I usually do just just save the time is I will put my hair in a ponytail and I will just cover it in coconut oil. I just focus it on the shaft and on the end of my hair and I will put a shower cap or a towel and I will sleep on it and then. I rinse it out the next day.

So I like to apply it this way because if you get it on your roots oh you do not wash your hair well enough you are going to look very greasy.. So I suggest applying it the way that. I do there are only two hair treatments that. I use and they are both oils the first one I have been using for years, I’m sure it is not a surprise but it is the Moroccan oil treatment. I love the step.

I apply it to damp hair and, I just warm it up between my palms and then. I focus it on the ends. I find that it really leaves my ends healthy and shiny now you do not want to use it too much because the effects will be opposite and it’ll be very drawing on the hair.. So I do like to swap it out and, I like to use the josie maran argan oil hair serum this stuff is very light and it has a very fresh scent to it and this i’ll focus more on the shaft of my hair and, I find that it just really helps to tame those flyaways. So overall my biggest tip and what. I found had the most effect on my hair for growing it long would be trying to use as little amount of heat as possible.

I can tell you just embrace your natural hair if you do not know ready it’ll probably be a little weird at first you might think you look a little undone maybe people will notice but in no time you will be used to it and applying heat to your hair will become a treat you will start to feel guilty and once you do it you will probably apply a hair mask but in all honesty if you wear your hair naturally you will find ways that you can use less heat to kind of just touch up your everyday look like for example. I only blow-dry my bangs and then I will curl my hair once a week. If I want to look a little more put together there you go guys. I hope. I answered all your questions about my hair and hopefully these answers help you to reach your hair goals if you like this post do not forget to give it a thumbs up there’s any questions. I missed or if you have additional questions please leave them down below. I promise you.

I will reply and yeah thanks again for reading. I will talk to you guys in my next post bye.

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