HOW TO Half-up Half-down Festival Hair Tutorial Fishtail braid

I want to share with you a hairstyle that. I absolutely fell in love with and, I thought that you guys would too. So it is this half-up half-down bohemian fishtail braid with tied off detailing and a unique pancaking technique that, I’m going to show you.

I thought it was. So perfect for the upcoming festival season and, I really love this hairstyle because you can change with the braids and make it your own you can even do a three strand braid or a pull-through braid which ever you prefer to recreate this hairstyle you will need four of these clear elastics and if yours are brand new. I have a tip just stretch them out before using them and then they won’t tuck on your hair as much the reader for bobby pins because imma show you guys how to hide your elastic. So that we all look like hair professionals and you will also need for crocodile style clips we are just going to be clipping out small pieces of hair but. I just picked these up at Walmart to begin we just want to create our first fishtail. So, I’m going to start right at my temple and, I’m going to leave out these baby hairs and what you want to do is draw a line upwards towards the back of your part. So that you are almost creating a triangle.

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So once you have your section you should still have hair cover in your ear you will just help create that boho kind of vibe and, I just want to divide this section into two pieces. So what. I do is. I kind of cut it down the middle like that.. So I prefer to begin with this section closest to my face and for fishtail you just want to grab the outer piece you want to bring it up and over that section and join it into our back section and grab an outer piece from our back section up and over. So as you can see, I’m just grabbing medium sized pieces you do not have to be too particular at this point but you want to just keep crossing them over and fishtail all the way down to the bottom of your hair if you have a hard time fishtailing this is where you could substitute in a three strand braid it would cool as well and other tip when you are braiding your hair you just wanna make sure that your direction it towards the back of your head once you reach the end you guys know what’s next we want to pancake the braid it is going to give it the illusion of a fuller thicker braid.

So what. I like to do is use my one hand to anchor the bottom and then. I just use my index finger and my thumb to pinch the sides and pull them out. I usually start at the bottom and work my way up and you just want to work in small sections because it is much easier to make them bigger than it is to go too big and try to make the pieces smaller. So just keep going work your way up until you get the desired thickness that you want once you are satisfied with your braid we can go ahead and clip it off because we are going to do this same thing on the other side I will go and leave my bangs out it is the same idea. I just start at my temple and, I drag a line upwards with my finger to the back of my part and then once. I have my triangular section, I’m going to divide it into two and just fishtail all the way to the bottom remembering to direction it towards the back of my hand and once you reach the bottom do not get to pancake away and once you are happy with it just clip it away and we can start working on the back now to create a really cool fishtail Pony part of this hairstyle will need a lot of patience and some extra lengths.

So you will want to take all the sections of hair from your crown to the middle of our head and we are going to combine that with the two braids by securing them with another elastic once secure just be sure to undo any remaining braid that you might have you will want to take the braid by pulling on the two sides and then to create some additional volume at the crown without teasing. I like to anchor my braid with my one hand and then gently pull this top pieces upwards the trick to hiding elastics is grab a small section of hair from the underside of your Pony we are going to wrap it around the elastic until there’s about three inches of hair sticking out and then take a bobby pin and you want to wrap the hair halfway around the bobby pin then through the middle and do this about three times to really secure the hair then slide the bobby pin upwards with one side going through the elastic on the underside of our pony this way the bobby pin is hidden and it looks really seamless now we can create the unique pancaking technique this part might look tricky but, I’m going to try my best to make it as simple as. I can will be fishtailing but with an extra step and that’s where our clips come in handy divide the hair into two sections grab a small piece from the right side cross it over join it in to the left and repeat on the left side now stay with me because, I’m adding in an extra step my left section is in my left palm held by my fingers and using my index and my thumb on my left hand, I’m going to hold our right section as well using my index of thumb on my right hand, I’m going to grab a piece from the right side as if we were fishtailing but instead we are clipping it out of way. I found resting it on my index finger the easiest, and it is easiest if you come in on the same angle as your finger and then use that as a guide well give a bold a bit clip it out of the way to your hair preferably around the nape of your neck and do the same thing on the left side transition the braid into your right hands and grab a piece rest it on your pinky and then use your finger as a guide for the clip remember to clip it low and out of the way then you will want a fishtail one more time is normal starting with the right side again. I transition the whole braid into my left hand statements before grab a piece from the right side arrested on my finger and this time, I’m going to clip it above the previously clipped piece. I find it easiest to clip it at my braid. So this way it crosses over and this is what’s going to create our loop.

So repeat on the left side now we have four sections pinned in our hair it is time to incorporate them. So transition the braid back into your left hand unclip the bottom right piece cross it over and into our left section just as if we were doing a fishtail repeat the same thing on the left side transition the braid into your right hand unclip the left bottom piece cross it over into the right section hopefully you notice the pattern because we need to do one more loop. So grab a piece from the outside of our right and clip it above that second section. So right above our braid. So it creates the cross repeat on the left then unclip the bottom section cross it over into the left section, I’m clip the bottom left section cross it over into the right and lastly we are going to unclip that top right section cross it over into the left and then do the same thing with the left section and we are going to tie it off with an elastic what we did here was create two loops on each side in the French braid now we want to pancake those loops and really make them stand out especially because there are a lot of work. So tug on them little by little until you get the desired look after remember to grab a small section of hair to hide our elastic securing it around the bobby pin and pinning it in place do not worry if your braid is not symmetrical because with this look more and done the better depending on your hair lengths you can stop here but, I’m going to do one more section I will be repeating the same steps except, I’m only going to do one loop instead of two. So I will clip away my first pieces fishtail is normal clip away my second pieces above my first unclip those first pieces and fishtail them in then unclip the second pieces and incorporate those into the braid do not forget to tie it off pancake it and then hide the elastic you should be left with something that looks a little like this and then to complete this look, I’m just going to grab my nume 32 millimeter one from my Titan 3 and, I’m just going to be curling all of my hair away from my face.

So here’s the final look. So that is definitely one of the most complicated tutorials that I have done on my blog. So far but do not let that discourage you. I highly suggest sitting with your back to a mirror and then holding one up in front of you do not go out of blind me what. I did or even better if you could have a friend do it for you and then you can hold each of the sections instead of flipping the way that’d be way easier. So this is only you guys will definitely have to recreate if you liked it please give it a thumbs up and comment down below if you guys are planning on going to any festivals or concerts this year. I think in July.

I might be taking a road trip to Ottawa it is still oh my boyfriend a birthday gift and the Red Hot Chili Peppers are playing. So hopefully we will make it out there yeah let me know what you guys thought and as always thank you. So much for reading I will two minutes post by hands just to chain those baby hairs that never cooperate but. I just rub it through my fingers and kind of just push them down that’s all it takes it is pretty low means from here.

HOW TO Half up Half down Festival Hair Tutorial Fishtail braid

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