HOW TO Half-up Half-down Hairstyle Twisted Pull-Through Braid

Hey guys welcome to my blog and the first post of my new series hashtag hair tutorial Tuesday where I will be posting a new hair tutorial every Tuesday, I’m really excited about this and I will have more information at the end of this post as well as on my blog but today’s hairstyle is this really pretty feminine half-up half-down twisted hairstyle. I got inspired off a picture that. I saw on Pinterest and, I wanted to try to recreate it it is actually a lot simpler than you might think.

HOW TO Half-up Half-down Hairstyle Twisted Pull-Through Braid Photo Gallery

So let’s go ahead and get started For this tutorial all you are going to need are about 4 to 5 clear elastics depending on your hair’s length and a quick tip if you are going to practice this hairstyle before wearing it out. I suggest using larger elastics they are a lot less damaging on your hair at least that’s what. I do start by throwing all of your hair behind your shoulders and then you will want to grab the hair at the side of your head to create a half-up half-down ponytail easiest way is to just go to the back of your part and draw a line straight down to the top of your ear then at this point. I like to take out small pieces to frame my face and cover my ears to give me that boho look and then with those two sections you just want to twist them a couple of times away from your face nice and loosely and then to secure them at the back of your head with the hair elastic. So now that we have done that step you want to create a Topsy tail. So just grab your ponytail and flip it up and through just to give this hairstyle more of a tighter twist and then to give this hairstyle that wow factor you want to pull apart twists and make them more voluminous anchor the ponytail with one hand and then use your index finger and thumb on your other to grab small sections of hair at the top of the twist and just gently pull them upwards for this look. I wanted most of my volume to be in the center at the Topsy tail but feel free to play around with it now for the rest of the hairstyle we want to create Topsy tail pull throughs grab about one-inch sections from the side of your ponytail and try to grab them from the top layer of hair then bring those sections in front of that first ponytail and secure the hair elastic.

I usually wrap mine around two times. So that first ponytail is going through that new ponytail and that’s what creates the pull through and now with our new ponytail we want to create another Topsy tail. So just flip it up and pull it through tighten it up a little bit and then begin pancaking by pulling on small pieces and this time pulling them up and outwards almost like a fan to make them more of luminous and give it that effortless appearance do not be shy with this. I think the more voluminous the better to create our second pull through grab that first ponytail we created that’s underneath and you want to divide that into two equal pieces and then, I’m going to grab one inch sections from the sides of the ponytail to make it thicker and the trick with this is the less perfect the better then bring those two sections in front ever previous ponytail to create our second pull through and secure it with the hair elastic and then create a topsy-tail with that pull through and be sure to pancake it to help fake that voluminous appearance repeat the pattern as many times as you like down your hair and then grab the ponytail that is behind your section divide it into two and bring those pieces in front of our previous ponytail secure with a hair elastic and create Topsy tail and then the best parts pancake the twist.. So I do this for a total of four Topsy tails and three pull through. So there you have you guys that’s how easy it is to achieve this really pretty half-up half-down twisted chunky hairstyle.

I just love how girly this hairstyle is is so beachy it screams summer to me. I just think it’d be perfect for any outdoor events gatherings concerts showers. I love that makes a statement but it is simple enough to do hopefully you found this post helpful if you did do not forget to give it a thumbs up leave a comment down below let me know what you thought where you would wear this hairstyle and what hairstyle you are loving the most for summer and if you do recreate this hairstyle or use it as inspiration to create your own do not forget to tag me and use that hashtag hair tutorial Tuesday, I’m going to be randomly selecting a winner who use that hashtag to win a $25 Sephora gift card. I do not know how many people are going to enter this is all brand new, I’m super excited. So your chance of winning are probably pretty high but I will put all of the details and everything in the description down below as well as on my blog but. I really hope you guys are as excited with this as. I’m I’m.

So excited to be able to scroll through that hashtag and just see a constant inspiration from you guys you are all. So talented, and it is going to be a great place where we can all see each other’s recreations. I have. So many ideas for giveaways and things that we can do this is just my chance to give back to a community that has given me. So much. So stay tuned for some more hair tutorial Tuesday’s. I’m So excited for this guys I’d love to hear your feedback if you have any questions, I’m creating this for you. So let me know what you think but thank you guys. So much for reading and, I will talk to you guys soon bye.

HOW TO Half up Half down Hairstyle Twisted Pull Through Braid

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