The key to a proper fire is laying it correctly.

1 Choose the spot for your fire, safely away from trees and bushes. Build a fire pit by digging a shallow depression, then surround it with rocks or large stones. The pit is optional but prevents flaming logs from rolling off the fire.

2 Gather your tinder (which should be fast-burning and easy to ignite, like paper or dry grass), kindling (quick to ignite, longer-lasting material such as large twigs, cardboard or small broad pieces of wood) and logs (more substantial pieces of wood to keep the fire burning, about the width of your arm).

3 Place your tinder in the fire pit then pile kindling over the top of it to create a loose pyramid shape. Leave a gap to light the fire with a match or lighter.

4 Light the tinder. Once the fire has caught well, add larger sticks and logs. You may need to blow lightly on the tinder to help the flames to catch.


• It’s wise to keep a container of water nearby in case the fire gets out of hand.

• When you break camp, ensure that the embers of the fire are completely out. Scatter the ashes over a wide area and return the ground to its original state.

• The most common mistakes are adding too much stuff to the fire too soon, thus starving the flow of oxygen that it needs to keep burning, or trying to burn damp and unseasoned wood too early.

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