How To Make Babies Sleep

How To Make Babies Sleep

Anthropologists Wenda Trevathan and James McKenna recommend that you plug in your baby monitor the wrong way round, so that the sounds you make can be broadcast to your baby, rather than his sounds being relayed to you.

Their research shows that your sleeping baby can tune into your breathing, your movements and your talk and that this is good for his development.

If you are worried that you will not hear your baby when the monitors are switched, you could try a set of walkie-talkies so at least you can both hear each other.

But don’t worry, this doesn’t mean you have to share your bed with your baby. Even if you do choose a cot, your baby has ways of ensuring that you cuddle him at night. The average new-born baby probably sleeps in five or six different places during the night: his cot, his mother’s arms as she feeds him on the sofa or the rocking chair, on his father’s shoulder as he paces the floor-boards singing softly, and even the changing mat. In all these places he will receive beneficial contact.

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Of course, most new parents buy a cot and then occasionally take their baby into their bed, and the advantages of a cot are fairly obvious. Other parents decide to sleep with their baby as a matter of routine. Others take the middle path of a cot with one side down butting against their bed, or a basket up close to them You may want to consider the advantages and disadvantages of sharing your bed:

How To Make Babies Sleep

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