How To Make Baby Go To Sleep

How To Make Baby Go To Sleep

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You can also use the behavioural approach at the end of the day to address this problem. Try putting your child to bed progressively later each night by about 15 minutes so that after a few days he is waking later. But do not let him nap more than usual during the day.

Some children have what sleep counsellor Mary Kasper calls a detached nap – an early morning sleep, only two or three hours after an early waking. These sleeps may be handy for parents, because while the baby naps they can get the older children off to playgroup or school or organize themselves for the day. But if the early morning waking is a problem, the solution lies in joining that early morning nap back to the night-time sleep.

You can do this by gradually delaying the nap by a few minutes each day so that it stops being a top-up for the night and becomes fully detached’. Your child should spontaneously start to sleep longer in the mornings. Watch out for him being ready for bed earlier than usual and ensure that you stick to a bedtime that is convenient.

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Many early risers grow out of the condition when they begin playgroup or school, and if they don’t then by this age they are able to entertain themselves more easily for a short time without waking you. A drink and a biscuit placed with a few interesting toys next to your toddler’s bed, ready for the morning, may give you a couple more minutes grace.

If none of this works, you may have to resign yourself to an early start to your day. Go to bed earlier yourself and make the most of the mornings. There’s something virtuous about rising before anyone else, which can make you feel pleasantly superior for hours at a time.

Toddlers and older children respond quite well to being told that they can get up/come into parent’s bed when they hear the alarm clock. Start by setting the alarm for the approximate time that your child wakes then gradually set it 5-10 minutes later each day until an acceptable time is reached. This can be combined with a star chart (page 126).

How To Make Baby Go To Sleep

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