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Carl: So, I get an e-mail the other day and Paul, you know, just e-mailed me out of the blue and said, hey, I hear you’re in Kiev. I’m going to come see you. And, I was actually a little bit surprised, I was like, well, someone’s going to travel to Ukraine to spend time with me. I was honored, I was like I was like, wow. They just I’m always humbled when people come out and spend time with me, but I get it because we’re in the same industry.

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We both have similar goals and it’s mutually beneficial because both of us have businesses that are in this industry. And, guys, in today’s post, I’m going to talk about how you can connect with rock stars in your industry. All right. So, I just realized I called myself a rock star, that’s kind of funny. I don’t know if I had become myself a rock star in the industry, but I definitely know a lot of people, this is something I’ve been very happy to build up. And, Paul, really quick for my audience, maybe you want to tell them a little bit about yourself and your company and what you’ve got going on. Paul: Of course. Yeah. I’m Paul obviously, guys. I run an online magazine called I’ve been doing that for about five years.

I started online seven years ago. I had a big a turning point in my life. And I got to know Carl a few years ago. It’s probably about four? Carl: Yeah. Paul: About four years ago. Carl: Yeah. We connected on Skype, talked a few times and, yeah, had a lot in common. Paul: Exactly. And, that’s basically what I do now. I’m doing some more my blog stuff as well and it’s just great to meet the man in person like we’ve been speaking for a few years. Carl: I know. It makes me it makes me feel big and stuff.

I can tell you guys and I talked about it in this intro. Well, actually connected me, you know, we’ve talked for years, but it’s you coming here and just us spending time together, you know, shaking hands, talking with each other having, you know, burger the other day. Paul: Yeah. Carl: You getting to meet some of my local friends here in Kiev. There is nothing that replaces face-to-face relationships and building those type of bonds, but why don’t we do more of it? Because, you know, you guys are reading this because you want to figure out, okay, how can I get connected to somebody bigger in my industry perhaps someone that would be it would be beneficial for me to get to know this person, they may own a company that I want to work for, they may actually, you know, have certain connections that I want to connect with. That’s what this post is all about. So, let’s why did you come out here because I mean it cost money? Paul: Of course. Carl: It cost time. You’ve got you’ve got six-month old son. Paul: Yeah. Six-month old son, a seven-year old stepson. So, yeah, I mean I think like you just mentioned relationships are the most important thing especially when you’re running an online business, so any business.

Relationships, connections to people is definitely important. So, for me, well, like you said it cost money, I had an awful flight at 30 in the morning in London out here. It was all about establishing more connection, establishing more relationships. Carl: You’ve known me for awhile, so it wasn’t like you just called me out of the blue and said, hey, I’m going to be there, I want to meet you at a coffee shop and pick your brain. If you ever, you know, guys that’s not the way. If you just meet somebody, don’t say, hey, I want to take you out for coffee, so that I can grill you for two hours and, you know, just pull all these knowledge out of your head. Paul: Yeah. Carl: Because that wouldn’t have probably worked. Paul: No, definitely not. I think that’s the key thing is it what can you give to them rather than what you’re expecting back from them. So, I come out here no reason, you know, whatsoever just to connect with Carl to meet him in person. I didn’t say to him straight away the first time I spoke to him, can you do this for me? Can you can I get in a post with you? Carl: Yeah.

Paul: Can you do something for me? Carl: Yeah. The post was my idea. I’m like I got to post something you know. Paul: Exactly. So, it’s all about what can you offer to them rather than, you know, what can I get from this person. Carl: Now, another thing here is that I view you as a peer. You know it’s like you’ve got a my blog, it’s a work in progress. You’re what? At 5,000 commentrs now? Paul: Yeah. Around 5,000 commentrs. Carl: And so, you know, some people would say, oh, you know, and he just came out to see Carl because he wants to get some of his commentrs or build up his my blog. But that’s not true, I look I look at you as a peer. We’ve known each other before my my blog.

Actually, I think I had like 20,000, 30,000 commentrs. Paul: Yeah. Carl: In fact, you knew guys like Aaron Marino when he had like 30,000 commentrs you’re one of his first advertisers. Paul: Yeah, exactly. So, I think that’s the next key point with, you know, connections is it’s a long time gain, it isn’t an overnight thing. So, like you said we connected four years ago, I connected with Aaron around in 2010. I had an online retail store and Aaron did a post for me which was great. And it’s not an overnight relationship it’s something that you should be working at gradually. Carl: We got strengths in different areas, we complement each other. And I look at what he has done, I know the amount of work I know the amount of effort that this guy has had to put into his business. So, I view him not as not as a competitor not as someone that, you know, I I want to get something from, just someone that I can commiserate with, we can talk about all the problems, having to deal with from haters, having to deal with, you know, like trying to figure out how to balance work life and things like that. We’re going to see each other in a week.

Paul: Yeah. [Laughs Carl: In Atlanta, Georgia. Paul: Yeah. People question that. Why fly into Ukraine when you’re going to see Carl in a week? Carl: Yeah. Because think about that. So, this guy he’s going to be flying to the United States spending a week or, you know, about a week over there with all these other guys, but why did you decide to come here to meet with me versus just waiting til we’re in Atlanta together? Paul: The main reason is because, you know, when you go to Atlanta, StyleCon in particular, there’s going to be a lot of influencers there’s going to be a lot of your fans, there’s going to be a lot of people there, so it really is showing that you’re making more effort than someone else. You know I’m coming out here to meet with Carl who I never met before. Now, when I go to Atlanta when I go to StyleCon, we have connected we have spent a weekend together. Carl: Yeah. Paul: We had dinner together. So, makes it easier for me to integrate into that situation.

Carl: Atlanta would be the first time we would have met if you hadn’t come out here and if I only got to talk to you for like ten minutes which oftentimes happens at big conferences, you only get a few minutes with some of these people. It’s something that, you know, I mean there now there’s no pressure on us. It’s simply, you know, okay, you want to meet other people, I can facilitate those introductions as well. You’re coming in as a speaker which I do very much appreciate. The point we wanted to hit with this post is that it’s worth going the extra mile because so few people do and if something means something to you, make time for it. Paul: Always look to make connections with as many people as you possibly can. I always say shake as many hands as you possibly can and just always think always apply 51% effort into that relationship rather than trying to get something back from it. That is definitely the the biggest point, you know, I can say for now. And I managed to pick your brain, you know, this weekend. We’ve managed to talk business, we’ve managed to talk my blog style, the whole culture here as well in the Ukraine. So, I, you know, it’s always good to expand on your connections. Carl: And what I really appreciate is Paul’s expectations.

You’re actually I felt have been you haven’t asked for a whole lot. He realizes that I’ve got four kids, I’ve got a family here. Always be thinking again how you can give to them not not trying to figure out ways how I can take this or take that. People have a good BS meter. They’re going to be able to smell that and they’re not going to want to spend time with you. Now, Paul, where they can find you at across the web? Paul: Yes. So, the main site is definitely I also have my own personal blog which is I’m doing a lot more my blog stuff now. I’ve looked at Aaron over the years, Carl, I love the other guys coming out.

So, I’m definitely I’m doing some more my blog stuff, so obviously I’ve got a my blog which I do some style posts and grooming posts, but also a lot of self-improvement and mindset posts as well. So, they are the main places online. Carl: All right. Well, guys, go check him out. That’s it. See you in the next post. Take care. Paul: Thanks, guys.

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