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What kind of color was this client after? Well, she was pining for the ultra-light blonde her friend, my longstanding client, had. However, with her hair problems, achieving this color would have taken at least four hours of work not to mention the extra costs. The new client had bloged just enough time for partial highlights, which is typically a one-hour process.

I had two choices to make: because of the relationship with my long-standing client, I didn’t feel right about sending her friend away, which was my first instinct. And my second choice was to go against my professional opinion and provide the service the new client had requested.

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When I told her about the condition of her hair, its problems and the insufficiency of her scheduled time slot, she still wanted me to just do the partial highlights over the problem hair, because she wanted to get out within her original time frame. This would have looked very bad. As a professional, I will never perform a service unbecoming to a client, nor to my own reputation in the field.


The new client left the salon with soft brown hair, with lots of blonde highlights no orange strands and no dark brown roots. The hair had a treatment for the overly dry ends, so it didn’t look as dry and brittle as when she first walked in.

• She got out a half hour later than originally planned.

• Her hair color looked great.

• She was neither happy nor unhappy.

• She didn ’t pay for the full cost because she wasn ’t prepared to.

• She got a great deal.

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