HOW TO Pull-Through Braid Easy Braid Hairstyle

Hey Everybody how’s it going. I wanted to share this hair tutorial with you guys today because. I thought it was. So unique and. So beautiful that. I just had to recreate it and share it with you guys. So let’s get started before we begin we are just going to need a handful of these painful elastics probably about five or six of them and then you are also going to need a hair clip that can clip away large sections of hair we are going to begin by creating our first section, and it is perfect if you just section it off right at your temple draw a line up as if you are doing a half up half down ponytail and then just secure it with your elastic.

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So as you can see, I’m wearing my kind of messy and done up it just kind of goes with the look, I’m going for today if you want to make it more of a night out appropriate look if you split this back it’ll look amazing. So that ponytail that we just created you just want to clip it out of the way as much as you can and then we can start our next section. So this one. I like to do just right behind my ears and I will turn around. So you can see what it looks like. So now that we have created our second section what you want to do is just unclick the first ponytail split it into two take this second ponytail that we just made clip it up out of the way we are going to create two more ponytails this one we are going to grab most of the hair but we are going to leave out the hair at the nape of our neck and with this point out we are going to combine those two sections from our first ponytail then we will just unclip that last ponytail that we made really an inspection mine very well and we are going to split that into two just like we did before click our new pony out of the way it is got this by now and with all the remaining hair we are going to create one last locally and then you’d want to unclip that top ponytail put it into two and up our big ponytail and you are just going to continue this till you get to the bottom of your hair you and that’s jealous..

So I like to start with my top section just loosely pulling and as, I’m pulling it is tightening the elastic and just want to do small pieces at a time. I you you. So there it is you guys. I absolutely love this look. It’s so perfect for spring or summer because it keeps the hair off the back of your neck and, I love how it gives the illusion of having a really long thick full ponytail and trust me it is so much easier than trying to do a French braid arm yourself as well and just. So you guys know as. I was pulling apart my braid.

I was looking into a mirror as well just to make sure that it was even and then. I liked the size that. I was pulling it to. So do not think. I was just figuring it out. I definitely look into a mirror to help me out with it. So do not forget to thumbs up this post if you enjoyed it and as always.

I will turn to get high.

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