How To Put Baby To Sleep

How To Put Baby To Sleep

I can’t Bear to Hear my Baby Cry

There are two different strategies that work well for different people:

Focus on the Crying

• Listen to your baby’s cry – what is he really saying? Just keep on listening until you’re sure you know, then relax and do something about it

Distract yourself

• Let someone else listen for you, and go somewhere out of earshot

• Listen to soothing music/relaxation tape on headphones

• Count backwards from a hundred before you go – he may be calming down by now

Two of the most common responses to feeling helpless are anxiety and anger, both of which can seriously affect the way you deal with your baby. Most of us have yelled at our baby at least once when he’s woken for the umpteenth time that night, and many of us have lain awake just waiting for him to cry and then rushed in at the first snuffle. But most of us know that neither of these approaches work. It’s knowing what else to do that is more difficult.

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I’m absolutely convinced that nearly all of Helena’s sleeping problem was me transmitting to her my own paranoia about leaving her.’


As soon as Camlo screamed I took him out. I didn’t want him to feel trapped. I’m claustrophobic – I didn’t ever want him to be in the dark. ’


Sometimes I’d just yell at her. I was up about five times every night, just walking up and down, or feeding, endlessly feeding. I was just shattered. I’d put her down and creep out and then she’d start again, and I couldn’t take it. But it wasn’t any good; she’d just cry harder and I’d have to go back.’

How To Put Baby To Sleep

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