How To Put My Baby To Sleep

How To Put My Baby To Sleep

Something similar happens with body heat. New-born babies, and especially premature babies, cannot regulate their body temperature. So they can overheat. And overheating is one of the risk factors associated with cot death. Researchers have now discovered that babies and parents who sleep together work as a thermostatic unit. When the baby heats up, the mother cools down, bringing the baby’s temperature down with hers (McKenna et al., 1994).

Margaret finds another benefit: the rhythm of her waking and sleeping meshes with James’s.

James, who is 20 months, has always slept with us, and hardly ever fully wakes at night. When he was little he used to just snuffle around and latch on. If you are waking in the night, your sleep patterns coincide with your baby’s, so you just gradually wake up with them When they are in a cot you can’t be so in touch, you don’t hear them snuffling around. The first thing you hear is crying and that means you have to wake up quickly and they are already awake. ’

All this means that cuddling your new born baby at night is potentially valuable and not a bad habit, so long as you positively want to do it. After about six months your baby will be much better at controlling his own breathing and temperature, and will have cut down or possibly stopped his night feeds. So, this may be a good time to review how he sleeps.

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Babies often provide clues about how they want to sleep. After a few months of co-sleeping, Ann noticed a change in William’s sleeping position:

He used to sleep right up under my armpit on the left-hand side, but by about eight months he was starting to sleep away from me and to move round the bed more, which disturbed me. I thought he might as well sleep in his own bed, so at ten months we moved him ’

How To Put My Baby To Sleep

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