How to Reverse Side Braid Hairstyles

Hi how are you doing today I will show you how to do a very simple side braid, I call it a reverse braid but really it is just the braid that’s been requested by your girls.

So many times and it is inspired by Miley Cyrus it looks quite a lot like the regular side braid but when you look closely you will see that it is braided a bit differently. So I will show you how to do it super easy super fast for this tutorial we are gonna need just a few simple things like a hair brush you are going to need a curler and I will be using my cortex 1 inch barrel you are going to need a hairspray I’m using my intelligent nutrients hair spray you might need some bobby pins if there’s any hair falling out or sticking out and you are definitely going to need an elastic in the color of your hair color the first thing you want to do is always this brush the hair to make sure there are no tangles. So I will just brush through the hair and pull all the hair on one side whatever side you prefer.

So brush through the hair and, I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions in 160 grams set and this color has been custom colored to match my really dark brown hair color due. So normally how do we braid we split the hair in three sections and we start braiding forward. So all you do is just you break forward now with this scenario which is the reverse braid or the backwards braid how, I call it with the backward braid all you do is you have three sections and instead of going forward and braiding forward like we normally would we are going to braid backwards.

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So the first section is gonna go back and at first it is a little weird but once you start doing it you just get used to it again we are going back pull the hair together you are gonna go back that’s all you are doing you are sort of making a regular braid but instead of braiding forward you are braiding backwards that’s all you are doing all the way down once you have reached the ends you just want to grab your elastic and just secure the ends with the elastic pretty simple once you have secured the ends you have two options you can either keep it nice and neat like that or you can mess it up a little and just like Miley Cyrus had it at that appearance that should wear this braid. So all you are gonna do is just grab it random sections and start pulling them. So you pull it but pull it carefully.

So you know not to make it too messy. So you pull it pull it a little more. So that’s all you are doing you are just grabbing your random sections and you pulling them out and that’s just gonna make the braid look thicker appear thicker appear a little Messier especially if you have layers the hair is gonna start sticking out but that’s the whole look that you are going after now this is pretty much how the final results are gonna look like very beautiful braids that’s sort of reverse looking backward looking now to end this tutorial I’m just gonna grab some sections here and I’m gonna curl them with my cortex curler and all you are doing just grabbing random sections if you do have side bangs if you do not you can just let some hair out and curl it and this is gonna be really fast you just curl it you let it go just curl the bangs if you have bangs and just to make it a little more messy looking, I do not have that many layers anymore.

So whatever, I have I’m gonna try to curl it up now that you have curled this section you just want to set it with a hair spray and I’m just going to use my intelligent nutrients hair spray and just run your fingers through it. So you do not really have defined curls you just have sort of like waves going through the hair and just mess it up make it look more natural and we are done, I hope you enjoyed this hair tutorial definitely give it a try the backwards braid is pretty much a regular braid but brain it backwards. So give it a try let me know how you like it down below love you guys do not forget to leave a comment do not forget to rate this post and I will see you soon bye you.

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