How to Rope Braid Hairstyles

Hi how are you all doing today’s tutorial is actually a very highly requested on hair tutorial or hair look that, I was wearing in the previous giveaway post that, I did with Layla and the look is called probably the best name for this look would be a rope braid, I think it has a few different names but, I call it the rope braid. So it is a braid that kind of looks like a rope and it is very super super easy um hair look to do and, I will show you how to do it and a couple of the first thing you want to do of course is just brush all of your hair. So there’s no tangles and it is just easier for you to work with the hair.

So we are just going to brush everything and as you can see I’m wearing my lucky hair extensions and right now my color is number 2 dark brown, I was wearing all black 1b but my hair is washing out pretty fast. So right now I’m dark brown number two for those of you that are wondering ok. So once you wash all of the hair um what you are going to want to do is just split the hair into alright.

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So like equal parts and then you want to just twist it over once. So like you twist it around okay. So you have your first kind of a rope part and once you have done that and this is just this is the only tricky part in this look you want to start twisting one side one way and then the other side of the hair the other section the opposite way.

So all you gotta remember it is just that you are twisting them the opposite way okay and as you are twisting them the opposite way you are also twisting them around each other like that alright and keep twisting it opposite way and twisting them around and keep going the same way and you just keep going the same way until you are done with all the hair depending on how long your hair is all right just keep twisting it and keep twisting it is not that. So easy, I know, I watched a lot of when, I was first learning how to do this look up, I watched a lot of tutorials and a lot of people make it seem. So hard but it is really not as long as you just get the idea of twisting it opposite ways as you are doing the braid and that’s all you need to know really to get this look done.

So once you are done you just want to secure it with an elastic in the same color as your here and that is really it we were done and it took me like a minute. So this is what the robe rate looks like. So this kind of braid is ideal for those days that you really do not have the time to do your hair and you are like out the door but you still want to kind of do something.

So you do not just grab you here start twisting it and you are gonna have a rope braid in like a minute or two and this kind of look is going to be amazing because when you are in school people are going to be asking you how you did it because at the same time it’s. So different you know you do not see something like this a lot on the streets right. So great thing to do you know very easy very simple and you know you are going to get tons and tons of compliments, I promise.

So thank you. So much for joining in today and please leave your comment tell me what you think about this look and do not forget to rate this post down below you. So much for reading and I will see you guys soon bye you.

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