How To Sexy Curls Hair Tutorial

Hi how are you doing today I’m going to show you how to do this beautiful feminine curls they are perfect for everyday they do take some time but the effect is definitely definitely worth it. So let’s begin we do need a few tools for this hairstyle and one of the tools is the cortex currently earning that I will be using now cortex 4 and one curling iron has different barrels and, I usually use the big ones because, I love those big Victoria’s Secret waves and hardly ever touch the small ones..

So I have used this one recently and, I absolutely love love love the results in this way that’s kind of what inspired this tutorial I will try to find a barrel that gets smaller at the bottom because it gives it a different effect you will see it once, I curl my hair it is completely different curl that comes out. So yeah I will be using a curling iron just a regular brush I’m gonna need a hair wax and definitely a hair spray and as always I’m gonna start with just brushing my hair and getting the tangles out, I’m wearing my e hair extensions. I have added them for length thickness and, I just clipped them and, I have not bother to blend the hair because I’m gonna be curling it.

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So in case you are wondering I’m wearing the mocha broad in 160 grams set. So I’m just going to start with a small section and just going to take about one inch of hair. So just a small one inch section and clip the rest away and take the curling iron and just curl the hair away and hold it for a few seconds and then, I usually release it into my palm or if it just unravels that’s fine too and that’s kind of the curl that you are going to get a sort of larger at the top at the root and then it goes smaller at the bottom it is very pretty and I’m going to be doing the exact same thing all over the hair.

So I’m just gonna spit it out but you will see the end result now that I’m done curling my hair I’m gonna mess things up a little bit because, I have beautiful perfect curls but, I want them to look more natural and sort of you know effortless. So what I’m gonna do is just start with my fingers and kind of brush through the hair softly and let them open up. So as you can see it with with my fingers, I made the hair look more soft more natural looking and.

So much more volume before, I hairspray my hair I’m just gonna take this clay and it is just a regular hair clay I’m just gonna put a tiny bit on my palms drop them nice and warm and now just start adding a little texture to this curls and the last step of course is the hairspray because if, I want the curls to last, I got a hair spray though. So what, I do when, I hair spray is just, I lift the hair up and, I hairspray it. So this way it adds even more volume to my hairs.

So that’s really it guys once you spray the hair the curls are pretty much done and ready to go, I absolutely love love love this curls and, I hope you do as well. So it does not leave it a try and let me know how you like it down below do not forget to rate this post if you liked it and leave me a comment, I love reading your comments, I love you guys have a beautiful day and I will see you soon hi.

How To Sexy Curls Hair Tutorial

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