How to Support Healthy Natural Hair Growth

By Crystal Styles
Crystal Styles is a certified trichologist and assistant director of marketing for Aunt Jackie’s Curls and Coils.
Growing healthy hair starts with understanding the foundation of a good hair-care regimen. Here are basic tools you should have in your healthy-hair arsenal to help maintain natural tresses.

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A wide-tooth comb with smooth, rounded teeth:
if you’re wearing your hair natural, try not to use combs with minimal space between each tooth. Why? Because wavy/curly/coily/kinky hair tends to wrap around itself, causing knots and tangles.
If the comb does not allow room for your tresses to glide through without snagging, your hair will suffer breakage. Wider teeth on your comb will help save your strands.
A satin pillowcase or satin scarf/bonnet: Many naturals do not associate dry, brittle hair with the types of pillowcases they are sleeping on;, but there is a significant correlation. Although everyone’s scalp secretes sebum (natural oil from hair follicles), this oil does not evenly distribute to the ends of textured strands, causing your hair to be drier at the ends. Couple this issue with sleeping on cotton pillowcases that easily zap moisture from your hair, and you will likely end up with increased breakage. If your hair is breaking at the same rate of growth (average .5 inches per month), then you may think that your hair is not growing. Be sure to protect your tresses with satin instead of cotton.
Flexi-rodding, roller-setting, perm-rodding, bobby-pinning, twist-outs, braid-outs, Bantu knots: As old as many of these basic hairstyling tools and techniques may seem, they are extremely helpful in supporting length retention. Prepping your hairstyle at night and removing the need to constantly comb, detangle or use heat appliances frequently, will significantly increase the strength of your strands and prevent excessive breakage.
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How to Support Healthy Natural Hair Growth

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