How to use concealer

How to use concealer


Apply Concealer on foundation but before applying powder. If you do not do it in this order, you can remove the concealer while driving the foundation. Most professional make-up artists prefer to correct and illuminate before applying the foundation. But this can only be a valid rule after you are really an expert.

Tips for Using Concealer

Use dark colors to hide light hues, poorly visible areas, and keep the backslides on to illuminate and highlight them: a darker probe than your foundation to hide tired parts of the face to hide the roughness of the nose holes and the light reflector to tense the edges of the eyes and lips.
Choose cream, compact or solid, rod-shaped closers to close the stains. These formulations provide a more compact and denser closure of pigment and powder particles.

Use a fine-tipped makeup brush to hide the flaws. Concentrate the concealer to the center of the defective region and spread outward. Lightly squeeze it to the skin, then with powder.

To ensure hygiene in the tubs, clean the brush regularly or apply cotton with a covering.

Prefer formulas that are evenly distributed without being too transparent. Use your ring finger to spread the product over the stain; wait for the product to sit down to see if more is needed. You can apply it in small quantities and quickly, adding if necessary. This is better than driving a thick layer initially.
To cover the cracked capillaries and uneven skin color, apply the product with a light brush brush and apply it to your skin with your fingertips.

To close the under-eye bags, apply the occluder to the shadow underneath, not directly above the bag. Otherwise, instead of hiding the problem, you will attract attention.

To cover the under-eye bruises, crawl the sealer along the pit beneath the eyes. Be careful not to stretch the skin and apply light pressure to the outer edges.

Fix the area with a fine powder of powder. Drive the concealer to the bottom of the bruises under your eyes. Otherwise, instead of hiding the problem, you will attract attention to that area.

If you do not have a sealer under your hand, a foundation layer with a brush will look your job in concealing stains and custodial bruises. However, do not forget that the sealant is duller and more permanent than the foundation.

When the signs of aging around the eyes become clear, it is time to stay away from the puddle. The powder will emphasize the thin lines in this area more.

How to use concealer

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