How To – Vintage Rolled Hair Tutorial

Hi everybody, Welcome back to my blog, I always get requests to do more hair tutorials and, I thought this look would be an awesome one to post.

So this hairstyle requires a wave or some kind of curl in your hair and, I actually already have a tutorial on how, I do these curls with a straightener click the link down below and it will take you right to the post first brush all of your hair back and make sure there are no knots or tangles and then decide where you want to part your hair this style works beautifully with either center or side part for this style you will need an elastic headband of your choice and, I actually found mine at Alta beauty gently stretch the headband and place it on your hair while pulling it towards the lower end of your head that’s right below the occipital bone the headband should not feel secure do not worry about that. Because we will secure it when the hair is all in place.

How To – Vintage Rolled Hair Tutorial Photo Gallery

If you have layers like, I do then take the longest section of the hair that you have and do not worry there will be pieces that are falling out we will just tuck them in later and start rolling the hair upwards toward the headband and the ends of the section tuck him underneath the headband finish tucking the shorter layers and just work from each side of the head to make sure you create a more uniform that you enrolled to help secure the hair to the headband just use some bobby pins that are close to the same color as your hair to make your lesson reversible leave your bangs or your front layers loose like, I did to help from your face and just make this look slightly more romantic and here’s the finished look the first time actually wore the style my husband fell in love and he would not stop complimenting me. So of course, I had to post this tutorial for you and just show you how easy it is to actually achieve it. If you do repeat this look please take a picture and tag me on any of my social media accounts just click on those icons and it should take you right straight to my home page thank you for reading my posts and please do not forget to thumbs up this post. If you liked it and click on that subscribe button to subscribe to my blog you.

How To   Vintage Rolled Hair Tutorial

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