How To Wake Up A Sleeping Baby

How To Wake Up A Sleeping Baby

Sally, mother of Laura and Annie

Other co-sleeping parents regulate their babies temperature by swopping their duvets for sheets and blankets and dressing their baby in fewer clothes.

The Foundation for the Study of Infant Deaths recommends:

• Laying your baby on his back to sleep (he is not more likely to choke).

• Don’t allow anyone to smoke near your baby or in the house.

• Keep your baby’s room at about 18°C/64°F.

• Cover him with a sheet and cellular blankets, rather than a duvet. (A folded blanket counts as two.)

• Don’t assume that, because it’s cold outside, your baby will be cold; judge it by feeling him

• Check your baby by putting your hand inside his babygro and feeling his stomach. If he’s warm, that’s fine. Too cold and add another blanket, too hot and you need to remove one. (Don’t worry if his hands and feet are cold – this is normal.)

• Lie your baby with his feet at the end of the cot so he can’t wriggle down under the covers.

• If your baby seems unwell, seek medical advice early and quickly.

• Have your baby in a cot beside your own bed for the first six months.

If you are a smoker, have taken drugs or are drunk, you should not sleep with your baby in your bed because this increases the risk of cot death.

Cot death is rare, so don’t let it spoil those special first few months with your baby.

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How To Wake Up A Sleeping Baby

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