How to wear an eyelash liner

How to wear an eyelash liner

False eyelashes

Fancy eyelashes make the most beautiful eyes even better, but the best is to leave them to the professionals. The false eyelashes on the team can lead to the appearance of you as a stage performer, but those applied individually create a natural effect.

Choose shorter ones for the inner part of the eyes and longer ones for the middle parts. Start from the inside and stick it outwards. Immerse the roots of your cheesecloth with your tweezers in the eyelash adhesive, press the roots of the cheesecloth against the natural eyelash root and hold it for a second.

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To cover the eyelash adhesive, draw a line in gray on the eyelash. Do not forget to twist your eyelashes with the facts. Draw a line to the eyelashes. Get a small brush with the darkest headlight. With a hard-bristled, angled brush you can work with more rails. Soak the brush a little bit and soak it in a little bit.

Make a thin line around your eyelash diploma, either lower or upper, or both. If the dark headlight is applied only to the lower eyelash lower limb, it attracts attention to the custody bags and makes you tired.

The most important element here is to be as close to the lash line as possible. When you are finished, sweep the headlamps, which may have fallen off your cheeks with a large, fluffy brush.

How to wear an eyelash liner

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