Hungarian Hot Pot Recipe

Hungarian Hot Pot Recipe

Cooking Time: 25-30 minutes

You will need for 4 servings: 1 lb. cooked potatoes 3 hard-boiled eggs, 4 oz. rashers streaky sliced bacon 1 tablespoon 1 pint yoghourt breadcrumbs or sour milk 1oz. butter

1 Slice the potatoes and put half of them into a greased fireproof dish.

2 Cover with half the bacon rashers and then pour on half the yoghourt and cover with half the eggs.

3 Continue in layers finishing with potatoes.

4 Sprinkle with crumbs and dot with butter.

5 Put into a moderate oven (350°F – Gas Mark 4) to brown.

Potato croquettes

Cooking Time: 5-7 minutes to fry You will need for 4 servings:

1 lb. cooked 2 oz. minced cooked potatoes meat

1 oz. butter salt and pepper

2 oz. grated cheese 1 egg pinch mixed herbs egg and breadcrumbs

1 Warm the potatoes in a pan with the butter and beat until creamy.

2 Add cheese, meat, herbs and seasonings and bind with beaten egg.

3 Turn on to a floured board and using floured hands, shape into croquettes.

4 Coat with egg and breadcrumbs and fry in hot fat until crisp and golden.

Hungarian Hot Pot Recipe

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