I Have Really Large Pores. What Can I Do To Shrink Them?

Before I address how to reduce the size of a pore, I want to educate you on how to prevent pores from becoming larger over time. Daily use of sunblock is key, because sun exposure breaks down the skin’s collagen, which supports the pores.

I Have Really Large Pores. What Can I Do To Shrink Them? Photo Gallery

The less collagen the skin has, the larger the pores can become. Now, if you’re trying to reduce the current size of your pores, the first thing I will say is that it is impossible to make a large pore into a small pore.

You can reduce the size with professional skin treatments, like microneedling or using the Clear and Brilliant or Fraxel laser, which are offered at medical spas and cosmetic dermatology offices. I also highly recommend a professional skin-care regimen that includes not only sunblock but also a retinoid or retinol serum. These ingredients work to speed up the skin-renewal process, which promotes collagen and firms and tightens pores.

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