Inadequate lactation

Inadequate lactation

Signs. The signs that will tell you your baby is not getting enough milk are:

A lack of mass gain, few wet nappies (less than six in 24 hours) and a baby that niggles after a feed. If the baby is grossly underfed she may become lethargic and not cry much.

A mass gain of only around 100 g a week is not necessarily a sign of underfeeding, if it is consistent.

The underfed babys stools are usually small and may be greenish. Not all babies who cry after a feed are hungry; in fact this is probably the least likely cause of crying after a feed.

The hungry baby does not cry lustily, but is somewhat niggly, so dont confuse it with the baby who is crying because of colic. Colicky babies really yell their heads off and appear to be in pain (65).

Dont be misled into thinking your baby is hungry when she eats her fists. This is not a sign of hunger, only that she is trying to suck for comfort and may have colic.

The underfed baby usually has a poor sucking action at the breast, chewing weakly and falling asleep.

Inadequate lactation

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