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Refresh your mojo with top tips from Tintin it does not mean giving up certain comforts of their lifestyle. Ice creams and desserts are part of that comfort; the challenge is turning this comfort food into a healthy choice.

I never skip meals. I think you should always fuel your body with healthy, nourishing food. When your body is satiated, your brain functions optimally and you are less likely to be distracted. If you want to be productive, then eat regular meals. No matter how busy you are, keep aside time to eat or sneak in those healthy treats.

I clear my mind by meditating. To me meditation is not simply sitting somewhere silently and emptying your mind – usually this makes me fall asleep! My way of meditation is to take short breaks and be with nature whenever I can. It could be just a walk in the park to soak up some sunshine or inhale a breath of fresh air. We do not give breathing and sunshine enough importance. And, sometimes, you discover a great idea out of the blue or suddenly find a solution to a problem that has been bothering you!

I never leave the house without my hydrating rosewater face spray, digital phone charger, my KeepCup, and a bottle of water infused with star anise.

Integrate physical activities that you like doing for its own sake and not just because you want to lose weight or drop a size. It’s easier to be active when you enjoy the activity along with having a goal. So go for a run if that’s what you like instead of sweating it out in the gym. Or do yoga if that’s what you prefer.

You are accountable for yourself. No one else knows your body and mind the way you do. So look after your body, inside and out. Stop counting calories as it is bound to fail. Simply eat healthy and wisely by choosing fresh, organic and real food.

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INSPIRE ME organic and real food

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