Interview with girl actors on the train


Actor, director, screenwriter, and adoring husband to Jennifer Aniston – is there anything Justin can’t pull off? In The Girl on the Train, he plays Rachel’s (Emily Blunt) ex-husband, Tom, who left her for his mistress, Anna. Now happily living with Anna in Rachel’s old home, their seemingly perfect lives revolve around their young daughter. But is everything really as it seems? Tom is a mysterious character who’s likely to keep the audience guessing.

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In The Girl on the Train, the Welsh actor plays Scott Hipwell, married to Megan, who has mysteriously gone missing. Is Scott the gentleman that Rachel thinks he is, and could he know more about his wife’s disappearance than he lets on? Next year Evans will be back on the big screen as Gaston in Disney’s remake of Beauty and the Beast (also starring Emma Watson). Yes ladies, he can sing, too!


Tall, dark, handsome… need we say more? This South American hunk’s acting career started with a stint on a popular Venezuelan soapie and, since then, he’s played opposite some of Hollywood’s leading ladies, including oy). In The Girl on the Train, he plays Kamal Abdic, a doctor having an affair with a woman who disappears. Naturally, he becomes a suspect in the investigation. Let’s just say, given the chance, we’d be lining up to make an appointment…

Interview with girl actors on the train

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