Inverted bob rear view


No, it is not a disease; it is a hairstyle treatment that can give you amazing, defined, and elongated coils. I came across the shingling process after perusing the Miss Jessie’s website. Shingling involves applying a curly pudding type product through wet hair, saturating the hair with product and water and then combing out a section of hair gently to create a cascade of well-defined coils. Without disturbing the curl pattern, the hair is air dried or dried under a hooded dryer. What you are left with is a beautiful showcase of cascading ringlets. See the entire process here at

Saturating my 4a/4b coils with product and water and then allowing it to completely dry did not get the results I had hoped for. I have tried shingling several times with the same result. I get good curl definition but end up with a lot of shrinkage and a glorious Michael Jackson Hee! Hee! Jeri curl.

Wash and Go or Wash and Groan?

Another styling technique that I wished would have worked for me after a morning workout and a mad rush to get the kids out the door is the Wash nGo technique.

This technique involves saturating your hair with a curly pudding, custard or gel-like product and drenching your hair under the shower and repeating this process a few times. Afterwards shaking your head to and fro (pun not intended) like a wet dog. You should emerge from the shower with great, elongated coils, which is what I do get. However, once the drying is done, shrinkage sets in and I’m Michael Jackson circa 1980’s again.

In my opinion, wet sets like Shingling, Wash and Wear, Shake and Go techniques aren’t the best styling options for us 4a-4b-4c sistas. (Send me a photo to prove me wrong and I will happily showcase it on my Blog under A Hero Comes Along). These styling techniques look amazing on TWA’s, but any longer than 4 inches you could end up with a product filled mess. Stick to the tried and true Braid-outs or TwistOuts for amazing, lengthy coils and hairstyles not so Jackson family-like.

If these techniques work well for you check out Miss Jessie’s awesome online tutorials and Dickie’s Hair Rules website for j aw dropping Wash and Go’s.

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Inverted bob rear view

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