Italian Interior Design

Renovating and remodelling old or outdated buildings and structures is what this book is all about. With its vibrant images and anecdotes from architects, this book reveals how forgotten architecture can be transformed into practical and beautiful new living spaces.

Italian Interior Design Photo Gallery

CONCRETE An ode to one of the most versatile construction materials in the world, this book explores the many wonderful properties of this robust material—as seen on intriguing structures by architects the likes of Le Corbusier and Frank Lloyd Wright.
THE RED THREAD The Swedish expression den röda tråden (meaning “the red thread”) describes the essence of a piece of creative work—which is what this book sets out to do, by getting into the heart of modern and contemporary Nordic furniture.
INSIDE UTOPIA In this reflective and thought provoking tome, architects and designers imagine what the home of the future might be like. They show how sci-fi inspired architecture and interiors have come to influence and shape the spaces that we live in.

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