James Norton

Bad dates

Once I went way overboard on a first date after the girl mentioned that she liked fishing. I bought rods, licences, a picnic and prosecco. She caught three fish and I didnt catch one. The date sadly didnt progress to cooking the fish.

Happy days

I love my flat, cooking and my friends, so when you put them all in one place for a dinner party Im very happy indeed.

On drinking

I have a high propensity for embarrassment. I wake up after a boozy night and go, Oh no, what did I do? I scan the whole evening. Beer fear is the worst!

On love

The character Im most like is Sidney the vicar in Grantchester. We both love the good life; jazz, a drink and a fag “ apart from the vicar bit, thats pretty much me. He likes falling in love and lives life to the full.

Last time I cried

I had a low point after the Golden Globes. LA is all about the highs and the lows. I had an amazing, heady time, so the low was probably jet lag, loneliness and a hangover. Generally, Im alright.

James Norton

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