Jennifer Aniston Best Hairstyles

Marketing strategy adopted: A combination of online and offline marketing initiatives, direct communication with our new and old customers, print and electronic media, participation in beauty exhibitions, and cross promotion with events. Jennifer Aniston

Use of social media to attract buyers: We use social media to a great extent. Our Facebook page attract thousands of owners and professionals of the beauty industry as we post new and exclusive products which are contemporary and in vogue.

Apart from this we have Instagram, Linkedin and Google Plus platforms to create a buzz in the market and reach out to our target audience. Jennifer Aniston

Infrastructure: Our manufacturingfabricating unit comprises of a space of 5,800 sq ft in South Kolkata; and a business hub spread across 6,500 sq ft in one floor with a professional salon, academy and consultation rooms all in the heart of the city at a prominent location.

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Source furniture from: Hong Kong, China, Thailand, and Canada.

Convincing the Indian buyer: We have a deep understanding of the customer’s psyche, and so choose our product selection accordingly keeping in mind the price, variety and quality.

Jennifer Aniston Best Hairstyles

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