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FOR BEN! GIRL-NEXT-DOOR TYPE JENNIFER GARNER MAY BE GETTING PROCEDURES TO REBOOT HER Romance WITH Ben Affleck. EVERY Hollywood actress wants to look her best, but loved ones wonder what’s behind Jennifer Garner’s sudden quest for youth and beauty. When Jen was snapped on her way to the gym recently, her brow had the frozen, surprised look of someone who’s just had Botox and the buzz is, she did it for her marriage!

The 43-year-old star and her estranged husband, Ben Affleck, 42, have been in each other’s company quite a bit lately, so Jen’s efforts to keep both face and body in top shape could well be an attempt to keep

him interested. Jen is on a mission to look picture perfect, a source close to the star says. After all, Christine Ouzounian, the nanny with whom ben reportedly carried on an affair, is some 15 years younger than Jen. Yet what’s disconcerting to friends and family is that the mom of three’s claim to fame has always been her natural appeal.

She’d never admit to having work done even if she did, says the insider. but for her to get injections to fight the aging process seems out of character In the past, Jen adamantly shot down rumors that she’s had fillers in

her lips, insisting that her pout is real

In addition to hoping to regain ben’s affections, Jen’s hardcore workouts, strictly healthy eating and possible cosmeceutical procedures may be in the interest of better roles. Though she’s consistently cast, she hasn’t carried an A-list movie since squeezing into that red leather cat suit for 2005’s Elektra. As the source puts it:

She wants to turn back the clock on her relationship, her career and her appearance.

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Jennifer Garner Posters

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