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Nailspa Experience has got various new nail colours, shapes and designs to obsess over. From cool minimalist nail art options to fresh takes on negative space and enough metallic and glitter pigments. Says Manji, “We have improvised few trends of 2017 and Chrome Nails is one of them. This heavy metal detail is an eyecatching trend that can be pulled off easily. Jennifer Lawrence

Chrome is usually a high shine mirror or brushed metal look that can be achieved with a pigmented powder. When getting Chrome Nails, you will need to ask for a gel polish prior, as the pigment powder needs to hold the gel polish. Since Chrome is a pigment powder, it was not designed for natural nails and works best when adhered to a non-cleansed, tack-free gel polish. This year, we have got new gel topcoats to make your Chrome nails last longer by securing them with a flexible gel coat.” Jennifer Lawrence

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My journey in search of a hair care product brand that suits all my clients hair types ended when Saandiip gave me some samples of Biotop products to try out. At the first look I was not impressed as the name was not catchy nor very ‘French’. But when I tried out the product I immediately knew my search has ended. Upon google searching the ingredients I was impressed at the used of natural ingredients like coconut milk and mild cleansers used in baby products. Biotop has won my Heart.

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