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L ast week I was on Celebrity Juice with Paddy McGuinness, Vernon Kay, Jennifer Metcalfe, James Martin and Chris Ramsey. I had an awesome time filming the show and Keith Lemon was his usual crazy self! They give you an idea of what you will be doing before you go on but you never know what to expect because Keith always ends up doing whatever he wants! The most disgusting game we played was in a pop-up restaurant where James had to fill a sock with different types of food and then we had to suck the sock to try and guess what it was!

I’m a really fussy eater and I hate not knowing what I’m eating so it was my worst nightmare, but thankfully I got away lightly with some chocolate and mint. Everyone else was sucking stuff like curry and prawn cocktail! It was gross. I was on a team with James and Paddy I’m a huge Take Me Out fan and Holly Willoughby was our captain. I have met Holly a few times she used to be a presenter on a programme called Exchange and she interviewed S Club Juniors on it! We were saying how funny it is that all these years later we are on TV together.

I wore a top and a skirt from Topshop and The Saturdayshairdresser Nick Peters and make-up artist Celena Hancock got me ready. I always love how they do my hair and make-up and we have worked together for the last six years, so I can always trust them to do a good job! Earlier in the week Wayne and I took the boys to a garden centre near our house.

Parker loves going there and was having the time of his life so I just had to put a video on Instagram of him running around with his trolley [right]! He kept pretending to pour tea and was drinking out of the mugs and shouting: Tea, tea!Everyone thought he was very cute. We’re going to try him at nursery again in the New Year. He didn’t really enjoy it last time but we are hoping he’ll settle in easier because he’ll be a bit older and one of his friends is going, too.

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Jennifer Metcalfe

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