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Tamara Ann Correia,

Spa Manager, Spa Sitara, Acron Waterfront Resort, Goa Jessica Alba

“We have had awkward situations where guests have walked in asking ‘what extra services do you offer’, hinting at gratifi cation of a different kind. These kind of situations need stern handling. I certainly would not want to brush it under the carpet as people need to be educated and tackled accordingly. Open communication is a must. Speak to your healer before the service begins. Explain to her about your specific need for fi rm or high pressure for your neck and shoulder, back or feet. Understand from her the steps she is going to follow as techniques might differ from spa to spa.

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Deep tissue massage therapy is similar to Swedish massage, but it involves deeper pressure which in turn is beneficial in releasing chronic muscle tension. The primary goal for deep tissue massage is to restore a balanced upright posture, decrease symptoms of pain, break down scar tissue or muscle to improve movement. It is a massage technique that works on the deeper layers of muscle tissue.

Bamboo Fusion Massage, Bamboo Tree All Day Spa, Gurgaon Jessica Alba

Bamboo massage, an old innovative technique, works on the f i ve elements of the body, such as, fi re, earth, wood, water and metal. The unique properties of bamboo are pressed to the body to create healing, restoration and balance. It enhances blood circulation and aids in deep tissue healing, spasms as well as the elimination of toxins. The Bamboo massage is an intense pressure massage.

Jessica Alba Best Dresses

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