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Microblading is a great, natural looking choice for men, too. It uses a sharp blade dipped in pigment to create hair-like strokes on the brow area that perfectly mimic natural eyebrow hair. A trained professional can choose a pattern that works best with your facial shape and even make the hair look a bit more unruly than usual for a more masculine appeal. For men seeking better brows, this is a low maintenance, long-lasting option that is more convenient than the alternative, which is filling in your brows with make-up each day. Most men I know would prefer an hour long treatment that lasts one year to Jessica Alba make-up any day.

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The second treatment is micro-dotting or micropigmentation. It is the process of using semi-permanent tattooing techniques to create hundreds of dots on the scalp. This gives the appearance of an almost clean shaven head, similar to a 5 pm shadow. You can do this on the entire scalp, or just to fill in areas where hair is receding. At first, Jessica Alba

I was not sold on this treatment. I did not believe that a bunch of dots on the scalp would create a worthwhile transformation for men suffering from hair loss. However, I saw many examples of micropigmentation in South Korea that proved me wrong. The training centre I went to performed miraculous transformations through this simple treatment. Not only did it completely camouflage receding hairlines, it also made men who had undergone the treatment, look significantly younger.

Jessica Alba Best Hairstyles

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