Jessica Alba Outfit Looks

How did you balance the ensembles with hair and make-up?

With Moolya and Khan, the seemingly challenging process of putting our creative minds in synergy, was easy. There was a detailed exchange of vision and keeping each other’s concerns in mind. I think, we were successfull in putting all the three elements together.

What role did hair and make-up play in the collection? Jessica Alba

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Hair and make-up played a significant role! For my collection, shimmer, hues and crystals were illustrated in the most phenomenal style through the creative make-up and dramatic hairdos.

What are the current trends in attire? Jessica Alba

Metallic garments are trending all over the globe. The perfect pair-up would be a metallic shirt with a cool pair of ripped denims or a stark pencil skirt can be easy on the eye and fashion forward. Cutouts are back and are here to stay. Cold shoulder cutouts are trending at the moment as it has the ability to elevate any basic shape. Moreover, this trend suits all body types and hence, can be paired with many silhouettes.

Jessica Alba Outfit Looks

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