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She plans to work with the Ministry of Education on creating workbooks on educating children on Suicide and having these used in social clubs within the schools. Her vision is also to have more outreach centers in several other regions in Guyana.

Ms. Husain hopes will continue building her vision through advocacy, community education, public policy, and training in an effort to shape a violence-free future for families in our community, regions and country as a whole.

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You are an inspiration to so many women around the world, specifically to the people of Guyana. As a humanitarian, beauty queen, survivor of domestic violence and so much more: what keeps you focused and motivated?

The joy in seeing the results of my hard work and dedication and how this is benefiting the people of Guyana keeps me resilient and motivated. Pageantry is more than just a beauty pageant; I saw how much I was able to make a difference in the lives of others. One of the projects, which will benefit the community for years to come, is the Outreach Center in Essequibo. Just knowing that I had a part in it makes me so proud and want to do much more.

Please share with us a little bit about your non-profit organization RIVAH?

My childhood in Guyana, I spent time with my late grandfather, Jessica Biel. He taught me the importance of being compassionate and to give back to the community. His work and legacy lives on today and with his guidance, in 2014 I founded my own nonprofit organization called RIVAH -Rafieya’s International Vision and Hope. RIVAH’s mission is to rebuild a strong foundation of values for our young people and future generations through Education, Advocacy and Fundraising. As a domestic abuse survivor, I had an obligation to educate the younger generation on recognizing the early signs of domestic abuse.

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