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My dating checklist includes a man with a green card – I’d love to move to the States one day’

Jodi Lynn Karpes, 43, is an owner of a PR business in Johannesburg and is in a new relationship. The man I’m in a relationship with currently ticks an incredible 13 of the 14 items on my dating checklist. The only one he doesn’t tick? He doesn’t have a US green card! My sister lives in the US and I’d love to have the option of moving there one day. Luckily, the green card is more of a ‘nice to have’ than a non-negotiable list item.

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My partner doesn’t know that I have a checklist – although he’s all. Fortunately, he ticks all the important boxes. One of my non-negotiables is that the man I’m dating should have his own home. It’s not that I wouldn’t want him to share my home, but it’s nice to know that he has a space of his own. He also has to be an entrepreneur and he must have integrity – all traits that my current partner has. Another big plus I’ve gained with my current partner is that he has a strong support network around him and we share the same religious beliefs. I’m really happy that we share the same ethos of living as debt-free as possible.

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