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Atmospheric and technically impressive Justin Bernasconi’s solo debut WINTER PICK is an album that you need to really listen to. What I mean by this is that I found myself stopping whatever it was I was doing to engage with it and concentrate on its stripped back and bare soul, giving it my full attention.

There is no denying, Bernasconi has an incredible talent, his ability with an acoustic guitar left me spellbound. The title track Winter Pick is a beautifully atmospheric, showcasing his stunning guitar work, while purely instrumental music is not to everyone’s tastes, I implore you to tune yourself out from the world and listen to this spectacular number and you will be all the more richer.

This release has a varied range of tempos, some tracks with vocals and some without, some being fast paced with a melody you could tap your toe to such as Ram’s Eye which has thegrab your partnerfeel to it and dance around the barn and others which are melodic and pretty, laid back dainty musical tunes such as Chess’Approval and Woody. I cant help but wish that all of the tracks on the album were instrumental as these are for me were the ones that stood out the most, capturing my attention and drawing me in, more so than the lyrical numbers.

WINTER PICK is a wonderful record to lay back and listen to, its rippling tones and masterful musical talents make it worth taking the time to really take it in and magical sounding music. Hayley Burgess


Justin Bernasconi

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